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New Promotion BJJ Bet Arrives With A Monster Card

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Next month, more precisely September 06, 2020, will mark the premiere of BJJ BET, a brand new competition concept hailing from Brazil. The event will be held in the São Paulo area, featuring some of the biggest names in the sport in a stacked card from top to bottom, arguably, the biggest card of the year – a phrase that gets thrown a lot but seems more than adequate for the line-up at hand.

This magnanimous investment was made by two Brazilian entrepreneurs and lifetime practitioners of this martial art, who have chosen anonymity. The pair planned out a way to mix professional jiu-jitsu with the betting market in a unique format, with the payment for the event’s pay-per-view being used as gambling credits (1000), which the user may utilize to bet on any or all of the super fights available on the card.

With a very “out of the box” mindset in its presentation and in the exciting match-making presented, BJJ Bet’s ambitious plan hopes to produce 6 events per year, a plant that will be somewhat reliant on the developments of the current COVID19 pandemic situation. Below is a short analysis of the main matches on the card.


The card will be divided into three segments: Gi as well as No-Gi which will follow a standard 10 minutes time-limit, and Old School (Masters) which will be with the gi but in a 6-minutes set-up.

Where to watch?

When? September 06, 2020

MAIN EVENT 95KG NOGI (10 mins)
Roberto Cyborg vs Kaynan Duarte

A very interesting match between two of the sport’s main players who have yet to meet. Both athletes are coming in with some serious winning streaks under their belts, both savvy in all elements of the game. One of the toughest matches to call in the card.

85KG NOGI (10 mins)
– Gregor Gracie vs Isaque Bahiense

Another “out of the box” match-up, and a great one at that. Gregor is the veteran here, having competed in every ruleset there is with great success. Fantastic wrestling, good leg-locks, and solid top game, he will give the younger and more accomplished Bahiense a good run for his money here.

Bahiense is one of the toughest athletes to score on, and in a ruleset with points, the Dream Art frontman will be very hard to beat. We edge towards Isaque here.

95KG NOGI (10 mins)
– Xande Ribeiro vs Vagner Rocha

In the words of DJ Khaled: “another one”. Another masterful match-up here between one of the best to ever do it, Alexandre Ribeiro, and the “Port Wine” of BJJ, the man that keeps getting better with age, Mr. Vagner Rocha.

Although very tough and an ADCC medalist, Vagner will have to overcome some serious adversity to beat Ribeiro here as, on paper, Xande has the advantage in every aspect of the game. This should be a very fun match but the favorite will be the Manaus native.

85KG NOGI (10 mins)
Ítalo Moura vs Leonardo Lara

The new blood of São Paulo’s lightweight division lies in these two gentlemen. Both physical specimens, both have exciting styles.

Without a doubt, Moura has been the most active without the gi over the past few years. Ítalo also comes from a team with a much more no-gi heavy style training and access to heel-hook specialists such as Eddie Cummings, which could prove to be a decisive factor in this match. Given these points we would give the advantage to the Unity representative, Moura.

100KG GI (10 mins)
Erberth Santos vs Felipe Pena “Preguiça”

A remake of the famous 2019 BJJ Stars match that ended with Santos brawling with the audience, this clash should be a big draw and will be featured as the co-main event.

With Santos running hot and cold, it is always hard to ascertain which version of Erberth will show up on the mat, but regardless of who that is, we would give Felipe a slight edge here given the track record between these two, however, don’t be surprised if Erberth pulls the upset. He certainly has the tools to do the job.

OPEN WEIGHT GI (10 mins)
Nicholas Meregali vs Leandro Lo

We are told that when asked who he wanted to fight at BJJ Bet, Leandro said “I don’t care about which weight class or who you put in front of me, I just want to fight”.

A motivated Lo is great fantastic news for the sport, he who once was among the most exciting athletes in the world, and also one of the most accomplished. Will he be able to stop Meregali?

Nicholas is coming off two losses, yet, Leandro is coming off a 3 match losing streak. On paper, Meregali has the advantage, bigger and stronger, and in a more positive period in his career. How will Lo handle the Porto Alegre native’s aggression on the mat? We will soon find out.

85KG GI (10 mins)
Marcos “Petcho” Martins vs Servio Tulio

Expect a beautiful match here between representatives of two of the finest grappling institutions in Brazil, the B9 (Barbosa), and the Felipe Pena (Preguiça) camps, who just so happen to be extremely fun to watch as well.

Most of the jiu-jitsu fans will be familiar with ADCC veteran Servio Tulio, yet may not know “Petcho”. Marcos is one of the most promising athletes in the world today, both are very complete and even in all areas of the game, though there will be a slight advantage from Marcos in the takedown department. Also, Petcho is a natural medium-heavyweight, so slight edge to Marcos in the size as well.

80KG GI (10 mins)
Gabrieli Pessanha vs Yara Soares

The biggest match to make in this weight class is that of Pessanha and Soares, two athletes who ran past the brown belt division. Although recently promoted, both are looked at as the future of women’s BJJ, rightfully so.

As we stand, looking at past matches between the two, Gabrieli would have the upper hand, nevertheless, Yara’s training camp was very strong and Soares seems very well prepared for the clash ahead.

65KG GI (10 mins)
Diego “Pato” Oliveira vs Alex Sodré

Two gigantic names of the light-featherweight division, Pato and Sodré have not yet met on the competitive circuit. Both equally talented, there are no favorites here.

95KG GI (10 mins)
Gutemberg Pereira vs Rider Zuchi

Power-house New School Brotherhood athlete Rider Zuchi has not had a chance to compete outside of Brazil, and may bot be as well known as Gutemberg, but he a very worthy opponent for Bahia native.

Gutemberg is one of the most well-rounded athletes on the super-heavyweight division and should be seen as the favorite, given his natural talent and his experience. Nonetheless, Zuchi’s top game will be a serious threat to Berg.

65KG GI (10 mins)
Meyram Maquine vs Fabricio Andrey

Two of the freshest black bels on the scene are Meyram and Fabricio. Both very exciting competitors, with a wealth of accomplishments in the colored belt divisions they are both very well worth watching.

Although evenly matched, Meyram will have more experience, having also a slight weight advantage.

80KG OLD SCHOOL (6 mins)
Wander Braga vs Marco Barbosa

Two of the toughest veterans in the game are Rickson Gracie’s black belt, Braga, and the legendary Barbosa. Marco will be the smaller competitor but expect him to be the favorite here, given his past curriculum.

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