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Self-Defense by Luiz Dias

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This article has been written by Luiz Dias, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Leoni Nascimento, who founded the Geração Arte Suave, an academy with strong ramifications in Rio de Janeiro. Dias is also an acclaimed columnist for the famous Martial Arts Magazine, Tatame.

The Importance of Self Defence
Luiz Dias

Luiz Dias

The self-defense is seen by many instructors and athletes as a part, or an introduction to Jiu Jitsu. Many take it for granted, because they ignore its importance and efficiency. In informal conversations I have heard fighters express their dissmissal of the positions and concepts taught in self-defense. And consequently their students fail to learn important lessons. Training self-defense proves time and time again to be an efficient jiu jitsu method that can be quickly assimilated.

On the other hand, there are plenty of instructors who realize its importance and pass it on to their students. In my classes we always train self defense, and I’m sure that many other coaches do too. Master Sylvio Behring is a well known coach who teaches self defense in his classes and is also a great defender of this art within our Gentle Art.

As he says:

..Self Defense actually should be called LEGITIMATE DEFENCE and taught within the principles of need, opportunity, legality, proportionality and Ethics. From prevention to physical contact and its consequences, we need to thoroughly train the techniques to be able to use them efficiently and effectively .. – Sylvio Behring

I fully agree, self-defense must be practised, repeated to the point of knowing instinctively how to apply them, for you never know when you need to put them to use. In my gym I realize that some students do not realize at first its importance. But over the course of the classes they begin to understand its dynamics and purpose. So the interest is aroused. Especially when certain situations are placed in class in situations that can occur in any environment with any of us.

Learning self-defense is the first step to protect your integrity, know how to avoid the danger zone and how to transition into a a security zone. Watching some MMA fights, sometimes it is clearly observed in some situations how the athletes lack this knowledge, which sometimes cost them the fights.

Good training people!

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