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BJJ Heroes’ views and arguments on current matters regarding the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, tributes to some of the legends of our sport and other relevant grappling issues, from the latest grappling creation to have been developed to that great jiu jitsu hero who we would love to give honour.

Where is Jiu Jitsu’s Mecca?

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The Mecca of jiu jitsu, the sport’s most buzzing location, the place where champions are made. In this article we tried to ascertain where this place might be, relying on the results displayed by this year’s IBJJF World Championships to make our decision. California, Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, which ones takes the prize?

2016 IBJJF Worlds: Crunching Numbers 2.0

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Detailed study on the 2016 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships, the most important tournament on the grappling calendar. From the most utilised submissions, to the number of double guard pulls taken place on this competition, you will find it on this piece.

War of the Worlds

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The battle for dominance in our sport is about to take place as the USA releases one of the strongest generations our sport has witnessed into jiu jitsu’s Word Championship. In this piece we go over the events about to take place in this epic battle of Brazil vs America.

Rooster on Fire!

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The black belt adult rooster weight category will be one of the most exciting divisions in the 2016 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships next week. Find out why in this article.

2016 Pan Ams: By the Numbers

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In depth analysis of the 2016 IBJJF Pan American Championship, one of the main tournaments in the Brazilian jiu jitsu sporting calendar. From most popular submission trends, to analysing previous years and different tournament settings.

ADCC Aftermath

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Analysing the data for the 2015 edition of the ADCC, by the numbers. We go through this year’s tournament, revealing important information about the submissions, the champions and the state of this historic submission wrestling competition in our sport.

João Miyao: Marathon Man

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João Miyao is about to participate in the ADCC for the second time in his life, having earned a 3rd place in 2013. In this article we go through the unconventional method used by Miyao in preparation for the biggest no-gi event in the sport.

The Fall of Jiu Jitsu’s Kodokan

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Brazilian jiu jitsu’s most historic academy is closing its doors after 45 years of history. In this article we go through the reasons the academy is closing and the importance this incredible building had in the development of BJJ in Rio de Janeiro.

Quest for the First Female Black Belt

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How long does it take to find the first female black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu? In this piece we go through the process of finding Yvone Duarte, the first women’s black belt in our sport, discovered by BJJ Heroes on November 2014, and insight to the research developed over a 4 year period.