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BJJ Heroes’ views and arguments on current matters regarding the Brazilian jiu jitsu community, tributes to some of the legends of our sport and other relevant grappling issues, from the latest grappling creation to have been developed to that great jiu jitsu hero who we would love to give honour.

2017 is nearly over, and so is jiu jitsu’s competitive circuit for the year. Continuing a tradition started 3 years ago (find rankings here …

One of the most fun exercises we like to do at the end of each year is that of analyzing the available data and …

With so much of the today’s media efforts aimed at the two biggest poles in jiu jitsu – USA and Brazil, we often like …

On this article you will learn of BJJ Heroes’ top 5 breakthrough European athletes for 2017, names who are on the verge of becoming the continent’s Next Big Thing in the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Data analysis on grappling’s biggest and most important tournament, the ADCC World Championship, held this year (2017) in Helsinki – Finland. The top submission artists, the most utilised submissions, the points game and a lot more.

New study regarding how the practice of Brazilian jiu jitsu can help practitioners cope with the stresses of day to day life has recently been released. More on this subject here.

Detailed study on the use of the Guard during the 2017 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships, the most important tournament on the grappling calendar. From the most popular submission holds, to the most used sweeps and much more.

Detailed study on the 2017 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships, the most important tournament on the grappling calendar. From the most popular submission holds, to the most used guards, takedowns, guard passes and much more.

With the two most dominant competitors to have ever competed at roosterweight aiming for their retirement from the sport, who will fill in this enormous gap left by the legends Bruno Malfacine and Caio Terra? Find out here, who is next up in line.

In depth analysis of the 2017 IBJJF Pan American Championship, one of the main tournaments in the Brazilian jiu jitsu sporting calendar. From most popular submission trends, to analysing previous years and different tournament settings.

As we reach the end of 2016, BJJ Heroes went back to each competitor’s records to assess who is the most accurate submission artist in jiu jitsu today. We looked at this year’s top competitions to find the athletes with the best submission ratio in the game and these are our findings.

In this article we visited the old European continent in search of the top jiu jitsu athletes, who have consistently shown their talent in the sport’s top tournaments. On this piece we pay specific attention to Europe’s top purple belts.

A careful examination of Márcio Andre’s 2016 jiu jitsu campaign. One of the most interesting athletes in our sport’s featherweight division, André is an athlete whose unusual style has captivated thousands of grappling fans.

A piece of jiu jitsu history, often forgotten by the sport’s enthusiasts: A first account piece on the importance and history of the Gomes family in the Northeast of Brazil as well as the fear they sent across the country’s vale tudo (no holds barred) fighters at the time.

The Mecca of jiu jitsu, the sport’s most buzzing location, the place where champions are made. In this article we tried to ascertain where this place might be, relying on the results displayed by this year’s IBJJF World Championships to make our decision. California, Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, which ones takes the prize?

Edwin Najmi made a big impression during his first year at black belt, arguably the strongest statement made by any jiu jitsu newcomer this year. On this article we go through this Gracie Barra’s lightweight talent and his 2016 black belt campaign.

Established in late 2007, GF Team rose from the ashes of the UGF academy with Master Julio Cesar Pereira leading his troops into the …

Detailed study on the 2016 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships, the most important tournament on the grappling calendar. From the most utilised submissions, to the number of double guard pulls taken place on this competition, you will find it on this piece.

The battle for dominance in our sport is about to take place as the USA releases one of the strongest generations our sport has witnessed into jiu jitsu’s Word Championship. In this piece we go over the events about to take place in this epic battle of Brazil vs America.

The black belt adult rooster weight category will be one of the most exciting divisions in the 2016 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships next week. Find out why in this article.