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A list of the main figures in one of the most respected teams in Jiu Jitsu, with details about the fighters background and rise to BJJ fame and also the teams developments in the sports landscape. The leaders of this team are Leo and Ricardo Vieira, two well respected former world champions in Jiu Jitsu.

Bruno Matias

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Ricardo Vieira, Bruno Matias has been one of the top competitors out of the Fight Zone gym. Today he is settled in Northern Europe (Sweden) teaching his techniques in the Old Continent.

Michelle Nicolini

Michelle Nicolini is one of the elite fighters in womens jiu jitsu. A 3x Jiu Jitsu World Champion, European open weight champion and World Pro Cup Champion, Nicolini is also a black belt under ADCC 2007 absolute champion Robert Drysdale. Michele’s rampant competitive career has had its shiniest moments since she started training under Rodrigo Cavaca at his Santos academy.

Eduardo Azevedo

Eduardo Azevedo is a Ricardo Vieira black belt from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Eduardo has travelled across Europe since 2002 teaching BJJ all over the old continent and today he is settled in the United Kingdom.

Rodrigo Cavaca

He is a top competitor at “Pesadissimo” and absolute weight divisions today, the Checkmat jiu jitsu team representative from Santos in Brazil has had a tremendous career with wins through and through, while also having one of the best submission records in the division.

Thiago “Monstro” Borges

Thiago Borges, better known as “Monstro” is one of the most active BJJ fighters competing in Europe. the Carlos “Portugues” black belt has titles in Jiu Jitsu, Luta Livre and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) while also instructing at his gym in London.

Claudio Silva

Claudio Henrique, also known as “Mineiro” or “Banheira” is another fantastic black belt under Ricardo Vieira, an European and South American Champion with a fantastic future ahead of him.

Leo Vieira

One of the best lightweight fighters to have ever competed in Jiu Jitsu, this Rio de Janeiro Native has collected tittles in both the World BJJ stage and at Submission Wrestling top tournaments, here you will find details about his background and his rise to glory.

Marco Canha

Another fantastic Black Belt from the Checkmat Academy, this Rio de Janeiro native has been training BJJ for the most part of his life. Starting off with Murilo Bustamante and training today under Coach extraordinaire, Ricardo Vieira.