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Jaime Canuto

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Gordon Ryan Guard Passing Instructional

Jaime Canuto is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Renato Verás and a representative of the prestigious GF Team in the sport’s international circuit. An International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) World and Pan American champion in the brown belt division (2013), Canuto turned a few heads his way after defeating the heavy favorite Clark Gracie in an exciting match at the IBJJF World Championship of (2014), since then Jaime has secured his place as one of the top middleweights of jiu-jitsu’s black belt division.

Jaime Canuto Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Jaime Soares Canuto

Nickname: n/a

Lineage: Luis França > O. Fadda > Monir Salomão > Julio Cesar > Renato Verás > Jaime Canuto

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals (2017)
  • 1st Place IBJJF American Nationals (2017 / 2019)
  • 1st Place IBJJF South American Championship (2020**/2015/2014)
  • 1st Place CBJJ Brazilian National Teams Championship (2014 / 2013 / 2012)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF South American Championship (2015*)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF World Championship No-Gi (2018 / 2019)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF Brazilian Pro League (2015)
  • 2nd Place UAEJJF King of Mats (2018)
  • 2nd Place UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro (2018)
  • 3rd place IBJJF World Championship (2017 / 2018 / 2019)
  • 3rd place IBJJF Brazilian Nationals (2015)
  • 3rd place IBJJF Pan Championship (2019 / 2021)
  • 3rd place IBJJF Pan Championship NOGI (2021)
  • 3rd place IBJJF European Open (2015 / 2017 / 2018)
  • 3rd place IBJJF American Nationals (2017*)

* Absolute
** Weight and Absolute

Main Achievements (Colored Belts):

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship (2013 brown)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2013 brown)

Favorite Position/Technique: Armbar from closed guard

Weight Division: Peso Médio (82kg/181lbs)

Team/Association: Grappling Fight Team

Jaime Canuto Biography

Jaime Canuto was born on the 7th of June, 1989 in the famous surfing town of Saquarema, Lagos (state of Rio de Janeiro). Growing up, Canuto tampered with the fighting style of Capoeira in his pre-teenage years, but never took the dance/kicking marcial art style too serious, giving preference to surfing, a sport in which he excelled and competed regularly.

During his mid-teens, Canuto started feeling disenchanted with surfing. He believed he lacked the talent to make it at the highest level and decided to shift his focus to a different sport. Jaime had tried jiu-jitsu for one month when he was 13 and enjoyed it at the time, so he decided to give jiu-jitsu another try.

Renato Verás, also known as “Perninha” from GF Team’s affiliate academy, was his first and only instructor from white to black belt – which came in 2013 on the podium of the World Championship, after a tremendous tournament where Canuto tapped 4 of his 6 opponents (4 armbars), winning the gold medal. The belt was awarded by the leader of GFTeam, Julio Cesar Pereira, though upon his return to Saquarema, Perninha officiated the belt.

Banner picture by William Burkhardt of BJJ Pix.

Jaime Canuto Grappling Record

189 WINS
    70 (37%)
    23 (12%)
    75 (40%)
    20 (11%)
    0 (0%)
  • BY DQ
    1 (1%)


Flying armbar
Choke from back
Berimbau choke
Bow and arrow
Toe Hold
Sidecontrol Choke
Flying triangle
    29 (48%)
    11 (18%)
    9 (15%)
    12 (20%)
    0 (0%)
  • BY DQ
    0 (0%)


Toe hold
Loop choke

Jaime Canuto Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
4692Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoD---Copa Podio88KGGP2013
4697T. StevensLOmoplataCopa Podio88KGGP2013
4701Manny DiazManny DiazLArmbarCopa Podio88KGGP2013
5818Alan FinfouAlan FinfouLPts: 6x4World Champ.82KG4F2014
6128Bruno RamosLAdvTBF VIII82KGNA2014
6585JT TorresJT TorresLPts: 4x0European82KGSF2015
7243Augusto CarsaladeLPointsBrasileiro82KGSF2015
7464Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Champ.82KG4F2015
7655Gabriel ProcópioLPts: 2x0Brazil Nat. Pro RJ82KGF2015
7708Erberth SantosErberth SantosLPointsRio Winter OpenABSF2015
7841Felipe CesarFelipe CesarLToe holdSP Open82KG4F2015
8571Erberth SantosErberth SantosLArmbarSouth AmericanABSF2015
8692Kaue DamascenoLPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam RJABSR12015
9193Cassio FrancisCassio FrancisLPts: 2x0Rio Summer OpenABSSF2016
9300Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLPts: 2x0Pan American82KG4F2016
9859Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLArmbarAtlanta BJJ Pro82KGF2016
11464Gabriel ArgesGabriel ArgesLPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam AD85KGSF2017
11593Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoLPts: 6x4European Open82KGSF2017
11815Diego BorgesDiego BorgesLPointsManaus Nat. Pro85KGF2017
12607Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaLPts: 2x0WP BR Qualifier85KG4F2017
13154Gabriel ArgesGabriel ArgesLReferee DecisionWorld Champ.82KGSF2017
13378Josh HingerJosh HingerLPts: 4x2American NatsABSSF2017
13395Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseLPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam TYO85KGF2017
13777Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLPointsSan Diego Pro82KGF2017
13810Renato CanutoRenato CanutoLPts: 2x2, AdvGrand Slam LA77KGSF2017
13813Yago EspindolaLPts: 6x5Grand Slam LA77KGRR2017
14071Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaLPts: 0x0, AdvDallas FOABSSF2017
14074Gabriel LucasGabriel LucasLPts: 2x0Dallas FNGOABSF2017
14114Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaLPts: 4x0Charlotte OpenABSF2017
14348Hugo MarquesHugo MarquesLReferee DecisionGrand Slam RJ77KGSF2017
14936Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseLPts: 2x0European Open82KGSF2018
16050Andre GalvaoAndre GalvaoLPts: 0x0, AdvKing of Mats85KGRR2018
16059C. NegromonteC. NegromonteLPts: 0x0, AdvKing of Mats85KGF2018
16553Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseLPts: 4x4, AdvWorld Champ.82KGSF2018
16969J. GracieLReferee DecisionW.S.O.G.81KGSF2018
17571Leonardo LaraLeonardo LaraLPts: 7x2Grand Slam LA77KGR12018
17799Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarLReferee DecisionWSOG 281KGR12018
18037Alexandre CavaliereAlexandre CavaliereLLoop chokeRio BJJ Pro82KGSF2018
18286Hugo MarquesHugo MarquesLReferee DecisionGrand Slam RJ77KG4F2018
18644Hugo MarquesHugo MarquesLPts: 2x0NoGi Worlds79KGF2018
19160Victor SilverioVictor SilverioLPointsOC Open82KGF2019
19167Sergio RiosSergio RiosLPointsOC OpenABSSF2019
19631Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLPts: 6x4Pan American82KGSF2019
20192Michael LieraMichael LieraLReferee DecisionF2W 11085KGSPF2019
20656Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseLToe holdWorld Champ.82KGSF2019
21439Guthierry BarbosaGuthierry BarbosaLPointsLas Vegas Open82KGF2019
22882Dante LeonDante LeonLPts: 4x2NoGi Worlds79KGF2019
23755Gustavo BatistaGustavo BatistaLReferee Decision3CG Kumite88KG4F2020
24415Leandro LoLeandro LoLPts: 0x0, AdvBJJ Stars 486KG4F2020
24745Matheus SpirandeliMatheus SpirandeliLPts: 4x3Grand Slam RJ85KGSF2020
25677Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseLPts: 6x4World Pro85KGSF2021
25681Nathan MendesohnLReferee DecisionWorld Pro85KG3RD2021
26153Jeferson GuaresiJeferson GuaresiLReferee DecisionNoGi Pan Am.85KGSF2021
26329Oliver TazaOliver TazaLReferee DecisionF2W 17277KGSPF2021
27257Andre PorfirioAndre PorfirioLPts: 3x2Grand Slam MIA85KGF2021
27612Pedro MarinhoPedro MarinhoLGuillotinePan American88KGSF2021
28277Alexandre JesusAlexandre JesusLPts: 2x0NoGi Worlds79KG8F2021
29528Tommy LangakerTommy LangakerLTriangleWorld Champ.82KG4F2021
32941Pedro MaiaPedro MaiaLPts: 4x2World Champ.82KG8F2022
33729Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarLReferee DecisionAustin SMNGO85KGF2022
35586Felipe CesarFelipe CesarLPts: 6x0NoGi Pan85KGSF2022
45723Luiz PauloLuiz PauloLReferee DecisionNoGi World79KG4F2023
4700Renato CardosoRenato CardosoWPts: 0x0, AdvCopa Podio88KGGP2013
5234Magid HageWPts: 8x0World Pro Trial82KG4F2014
5235Adriano SilvaAdriano SilvaWPts: 2x0World Pro Trial82KGSF2014
5236Murilo SantanaMurilo SantanaWPts: 2x0World Pro Trial82KGF2014
5557Pablo AguiarWPts: 4x2Black Bull82KGNA2014
5558Herico HesleyWN/ABlack Bull82KGNA2014
5559Breno NovaesWChoke from backBlack Bull82KGNA2014
5797Carlos EduardoWPts: 6x2World Champ.82KGRDS2014
5808Eduardo SantoroEduardo SantoroWPts: 6x2World Champ.82KGRDS2014
5812Clark GracieClark GracieWPts: 3x2World Champ.82KGRDS2014
5884Caio AlmeidaCaio AlmeidaWAdvRio Open82KGSF2014
6126William MartinsWPts: 0x0, AdvTBF VIII82KGNA2014
6127Helio MourãoWPointsTBF VIIIABSNA2014
6131Vinicius de JesusWArmbarCTBJJF Winter Op.ABSF2014
6134Juan KamezawaJuan KamezawaWPts: 14x0Rio BJJ Pro82KG4F2014
6164Kaue DamascenoWPointsPan Am CBLPABSF2014
6166Jackson PatrickWPointsPan Am CBLP82KGF2014
6233Gabriel LucasGabriel LucasWAdvCopa CachoeiraABSNA2014
6234Leo SaggioroLeo SaggioroWReferee DecisionCopa OkinawaABSF2014
6246Sandro VieiraWPts: 2x0South American82KGSF2014
6430Jack MaGeeWFlying triangleGFT Interclub82KGSPF2015
6570Jordi LloverasWArmbarEuropean82KGR12015
6582Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoWReferee DecisionEuropean82KG4F2015
6683Nic RubenNic RubenWArmbarLondon WO82KG4F2015
6687Pedro BessaD---London WO82KGSF2015
6937Vinicius CorralesVinicius CorralesWPointsRio Fall Open82KGSF2015
6938Sandro VieiraWArmbarRio Fall Open82KGF2015
7238Leonardo RamosWEzekielBrasileiro82KGR12015
7239Paulo ToledoWArmbarBrasileiro82KGR22015
7240Anderson CarvalhoWTriangleBrasileiro82KG4F2015
7455Vinicius AgudoWBow and arrowWorld Champ.82KGR12015
7459Francisco IturraldeFrancisco IturraldeWArmbarWorld Champ.82KG8F2015
7530Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarWPts: 4x2Matshark Open82KGF2015
7653Romulo AzevedoRomulo AzevedoWAdvBrazil Nat. Pro RJ82KG4F2015
7654Eltrankin ArarunaWArmbarBrazil Nat. Pro RJ82KGSF2015
7700Caio AlmeidaCaio AlmeidaWArmbarRio Winter OpenABS8F2015
7702Ruan OliveiraRuan OliveiraWArmbarRio Winter OpenABS4F2015
7706Pedro MouraWReferee DecisionRio Winter OpenABSSF2015
7724Flavio MacedoWArmbarRio Winter Open82KGR12015
7726Bruno RafaelWPointsRio Winter Open82KGR22015
7728Flávio OliveiraWArmbarRio Winter Open82KG8F2015
7729Marcelo VitorinoWTriangleRio Winter Open82KG4F2015
7731Caio AlmeidaCaio AlmeidaWTriangleRio Winter Open82KGSF2015
8140H. LisboaWArmbarConfere 7ABSSPF2015
8559Ayres ModestoWArmbarSouth AmericanABS8F2015
8565Mauricio AntunesWPts: 5x0South AmericanABS4F2015
8569Ricardo RochaWPts: 13x0South AmericanABSSF2015
8578Bruno FrancaWToe HoldSouth American82KGR12015
8581UnknownWPts: 2x0South American82KG4F2015
8582Juan KamezawaJuan KamezawaWPts: 2x0South American82KGSF2015
8652Ives SacramentoWArmbarGrand Slam RJ85KG8F2015
8658Marlon OliveiraWPts: 2x0Grand Slam RJ85KG4F2015
8659Vinicius MarinhoVinicius MarinhoWPts: 5x4Grand Slam RJ85KGSF2015
9170Flávio GodoyWArmbarRio Summer Open82KG4F2016
9174Matheus CostaMatheus CostaWArmbarRio Summer Open82KGSF2016
9189UnknownWArmbarRio Summer OpenABS4F2016
9293Alec BauldingAlec BauldingWArmbarPan American82KG8F2016
9857Brian BeauryBrian BeauryWSidecontrol ChokeAtlanta BJJ Pro82KGSF2016
9874Gabriel GoulartGabriel GoulartWBerimbau chokeLas Vegas Open82KGSF2016
9875Tiago RochaTiago RochaWArmbarLas Vegas Open82KGF2016
10004Ricardo RezendeRicardo RezendeWAdvWorld Champ.82KGR22016
10575Jan BuatimJan BuatimWArmbarSao Paulo Open82KG8F2016
10576Alexandre CavaliereAlexandre CavaliereWAdvSao Paulo Open82KG4F2016
10577Adriano SilvaAdriano SilvaWPts: 9x4Sao Paulo Open82KGSF2016
10578Vinicius GarciaVinicius GarciaWArmbarSao Paulo Open82KGF2016
10747Juliano RochaWArmbarLondon F. Open82KGSF2016
10748Oliver GeddesOliver GeddesWArmbarLondon F. Open82KGF2016
10754Antonio JuniorWArmbarLondon F. OpenABSSF2016
10755Luca AnacoretaLuca AnacoretaWPts: 6x2London F. OpenABSF2016
11166Julien SilvaWArmbarRoyal Rumble82KGSPF2016
11190Douglas MayerWTriangle/armbarParis Open82KGSF2016
11191Maurício TogniWArmbarParis Open82KGF2016
11197UnknownWTriangle/armbarParis OpenABSR12016
11198UnknownWArmbarParis OpenABSR22016
11199UnknownWFlying armbarParis OpenABS8F2016
11202Samuel MoninWPts: 4x4, AdvParis OpenABS4F2016
11204Luca AnacoretaLuca AnacoretaWBerimbau chokeParis OpenABSSF2016
11346Israel MottaWArmbarPetropolis Pro85KGF2016
11458Carlos LimaWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam AD85KGR12017
11462Luis VenturinoWPts: 5x0Grand Slam AD85KG4F2017
11467Rafael CarvalhoWPointsGrand Slam AD85KG3RD2017
11587Alvaro RibeiroWTriangleEuropean Open82KG8F2017
11591Gareth NealeWPts: 12x0European Open82KG4F2017
11805Eduardo CruzWArmbarManaus Nat. Pro85KGR12017
11809Abel SantosWSubmissionManaus Nat. Pro85KG4F2017
11812Rodrigo FajardoRodrigo FajardoWPointsManaus Nat. Pro85KGSF2017
12773Paulo GalviolliWArmbarBrasileiro82KGR12017
12778Eliezer RaabWArmbarBrasileiro82KGR22017
12780Alexandre CavaliereAlexandre CavaliereWArmbarBrasileiro82KG4F2017
12783Sandro VieiraWPts: 2x0Brasileiro82KGSF2017
12784Otavio SousaOtavio SousaWPts: 2x0Brasileiro82KGF2017
13147Joshua HingerWArmbarWorld Champ.82KG8F2017
13150Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseWPts: 4x2World Champ.82KG4F2017
13350Christian BroadnaxWTriangleAmerican Nats82KG4F2017
13351Ross KeepingWArmbarAmerican Nats82KGSF2017
13352Yan LucasYan LucasWTriangleAmerican Nats82KGF2017
13394Marcos CostaMarcos CostaWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam TYO85KGSF2017
13771Yan LucasYan LucasWArmbarSan Diego Pro82KGR12017
13776Michael LieraMichael LieraWPts: 4x2San Diego Pro82KGSF2017
13804Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWPts: 2x0Grand Slam LA77KGR12017
13807Mateus GarciaWChoke from backGrand Slam LA77KG4F2017
14065Eric IngramWFlying armbarDallas FO82KGF2017
14073Rennick KamaWGuillotineDallas FNGO85KGF2017
14108Waltan PrestoWArmbarCharlotte Open82KGSF2017
14109Josh BacallaoWDQCharlotte Open82KGF2017
14112Waltan PrestoWArmbarCharlotte OpenABSSF2017
14298Sandro VieiraWPts: 2x0IBJJF Rio Pro82KGSF2017
14300Celso ViniciusCelso ViniciusWPts: 2x2, AdvIBJJF Rio Pro82KGF2017
14345Celso ViniciusCelso ViniciusWReferee DecisionGrand Slam RJ77KG8F2017
14346Esdras MendesWPts: 2x0Grand Slam RJ77KG4F2017
14350Luciano BernertWPts: 2x0Grand Slam RJ77KGRPC2017
14351Samuel DiasWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam RJ77KG3RD2017
14932Yan CabralWPts: 6x0European Open82KG4F2018
15194Vegard RandebergWArmbarMunich Open82KGSF2018
15195Sebastian BroscheSebastian BroscheWArmbarMunich Open82KGF2018
15197Sebastian BroscheSebastian BroscheWPts: 10x0Munich OpenABSSF2018
15198Nicholas PenzerWChoke from backMunich OpenABSF2018
15248Adam WardzinskiAdam WardzinskiWPts: 2x2, AdvSwiss Nat. ProABSF2018
15498K. SchorabskiWChoke from backGrand Slam LDN77KG8F2018
15504Bruno BorgesWPts: 13x0Grand Slam LDN77KG4F2018
15509Kywan GracieWArmbarGrand Slam LDN77KGSF2018
15510Marcos CostaMarcos CostaWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam LDN77KGF2018
16056C. NegromonteC. NegromonteWPts: 2x0King of Mats85KGRR2018
16057Roberto SatoshiRoberto SatoshiWPts: 6x0King of Mats85KGSF2018
16144Burak SarmanWSubmissionWorld Pro77KG8F2018
16149Alex CabanesWReferee DecisionWorld Pro77KG4F2018
16159Edwin NajmiEdwin NajmiWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Pro77KGRPC2018
16160Jonathan SatavaJonathan SatavaWPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Pro77KGRPC2018
16537Servio TulioServio TulioWPts: 4x4, AdvWorld Champ.82KGR22018
16542Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Champ.82KG8F2018
16550Ruan OliveiraRuan OliveiraWPts: 2x0World Champ.82KG4F2018
16963Paulo GabrielPaulo GabrielWReferee DecisionW.S.O.G.81KG8F2018
16967Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWReferee DecisionW.S.O.G.81KG4F2018
18274Luiz GomesWFlying armbarGrand Slam RJ77KGR12018
18282Lucas CostaWArmbarGrand Slam RJ77KGR22018
18292Leandro RounaudLeandro RounaudWReferee DecisionGrand Slam RJ77KG3RD2018
18634Darragh OConaillDarragh OConaillWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi Worlds79KGR22018
18638Sergio ArdilaSergio ArdilaWReferee DecisionNoGi Worlds79KG4F2018
18643Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarWReferee DecisionNoGi Worlds79KGSF2018
19159Lucas RochaLucas RochaWPointsOC Open82KGRR2019
19164Mateo TenzeraWFlying armbarOC OpenABS4F2019
19385Victor RodriguesWArmbarLA BJJ Pro82KGSF2019
19386Otavio SousaOtavio SousaWReferee DecisionLA BJJ Pro82KGF2019
19620Igor PaivaIgor PaivaWPts: 2x0Pan American82KG8F2019
19629Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarWReferee DecisionPan American82KG4F2019
20635Servio TulioServio TulioWPts: 6x2World Champ.82KGR12019
20648Yago SouzaYago SouzaWPts: 4x0World Champ.82KGR22019
20654Otavio SousaOtavio SousaWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Champ.82KG4F2019
20912Mateo TenzaraWArmbarAmerican NG Nats85KGSF2019
20913Stanley RosaWPts: 9x0American NG Nats85KGF2019
20936Rafael DomingosWFlying armbarAmerican Nats82KG4F2019
20940Celso RicardoWArmbarAmerican Nats82KGF2019
20941Guthierry BarbosaGuthierry BarbosaWPts: 2x0American Nats88KG4F2019
21438Drew PalomoWN/ALas Vegas Open82KGSF2019
21678Victor SilverioVictor SilverioWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam LA77KG4F2019
21680Johnatha AlvesJohnatha AlvesWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam LA77KGSF2019
21681Diego RamalhoDiego RamalhoWPts: 2x2, AdvGrand Slam LA77KGF2019
22416Edwin NajmiEdwin NajmiWReferee DecisionF2W 13181KGSPF2019
22870Enrique GalarzaWPts: 3x0NoGi Worlds79KGR12019
22879Sebastian BroscheSebastian BroscheWPts: 2x0NoGi Worlds79KG4F2019
22881Jeferson GuaresiJeferson GuaresiWReferee DecisionNoGi Worlds79KGSF2019
24731Reyson LimaWPts: 2x0Grand Slam RJ85KGR12020
24735Vinicius ReisWPts: 4x0Grand Slam RJ85KG8F2020
24744Alexandre JesusAlexandre JesusWReferee DecisionGrand Slam RJ85KG4F2020
24748Alex MunisAlex MunisWReferee DecisionGrand Slam RJ85KGRPC2020
24749Alexandre JesusAlexandre JesusWArmbarGrand Slam RJ85KG3RD2020
24878Alex MunisAlex MunisWPointsSouth AmericanABS8F2020
24888Pedro AgrizziPedro AgrizziWReferee DecisionSouth AmericanABSSF2020
24890Tyrone GonsalvesWPointsSouth AmericanABSF2020
24931Lucas LisboaLucas LisboaWArmbarSouth American88KG4F2020
24935Alex MunisAlex MunisWReferee DecisionSouth American88KGSF2020
25673Javier ValencianoWPts: 2x0World Pro85KG4F2021
25680Javier NunezWPts: 2x0World Pro85KGRPC2021
26149Joseph WatsonWPts: 4x0NoGi Pan Am.85KG4F2021
27029Jeferson GuaresiJeferson GuaresiWReferee DecisionF2W 17983KGSPF2021
27256Ricardo RezendeRicardo RezendeWPts: 3x0Grand Slam MIA85KGSF2021
27602Thiago AndradeWReferee DecisionPan American88KG8F2021
27608Rodrigo TatuRodrigo TatuWChoke from backPan American88KG4F2021
28264Mateusz FlagaWPts: 8x0NoGi Worlds79KGR22021
29515Carlos AlvesWTriangeWorld Champ.82KGR12021
29523Felipe CesarFelipe CesarWPts: 4x2World Champ.82KG8F2021
32803Austin OrandayWN/AHouston NGO85KGF2022
32932Vinicius WongWPts: 9x0World Champ.82KGR12022
33728Pedro RochaPedro RochaWPts: 2x0Austin SMNGO85KGSF2022
33733Pedro RochaPedro RochaWPts: 2x0Austin SMNGOABSSF2022
33735Diego RamalhoDiego RamalhoWPts: 2x0Austin SMNGOABSF2022
35578Sean YadimarcoWPts: 6x2NoGi Pan85KG8F2022
35583Austin OrandayWPts: 3x0NoGi Pan85KG4F2022
45706Ethan VistroWPts: 20x0NoGi World79KGR12023
45716Pierre ManzoWPts: 6x0NoGi World79KGR22023

Jaime Canuto vs Rafael Nicolas

Jaime Canuto vs unknown

Jaime Canuto vs Juan Caio Kamezawa

5050 Guard Instructional by Lachlan Giles

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