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EBI 6 Complete Card + Brackets

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Set forApril 2016, the 6th edition of the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI 6) is finally complete, with it’s last contestant being Lucas Rocha of Gracie Barra. This will be the first time the famous event, created by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo, will be promoting an open weight division.

Known in the grappling circuit as one of the top “submission only” style events in the world, EBI has recently gathered the curiosity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) executives, who purchased the rights to broadcast the event through the organization’s digital subscription service: “UFC FIGHT PASS”. A gigantic step for EBI and jiu jitsu as a sport, since it opens the doors of 1000’s of mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts to high level grappling.

In preparation for the UFC FIGHT PASS debut, EBI has gone above and beyond it’s previous showings by providing a possible US$50,000 cash prize, having also summoned some of the biggest names in jiu jitsu today. EBI 6 is providing a very interesting mix of gi & no-gi specialists as well as “points” and “submission only” athletes, which should have advocates of both factions of the grappling world on the edge of their seats.

With the date set for Sunday April 24 from The Orpheum in downtown LA, EBI 6 has now confirmed their card. Although previously scheduled to be a 16 men tournament, the organization has only revealed 15 athletes, stating the card is full, possibly leaving space for a special guess closer to the start of the tournament.


(1) Jimmy Friedrich: Atos
Friedrich is a brown belt under Andre Galvao and is coming out of a bronze medal at the IBJJF Pan American championship in the brown belt division. Jimmy is regarded as one of the top grappling prospects in the US grappling scene, and has competed in the ADCC.

  • Abraham Marte, who was replacing André Galvão has now himself been replaced by Jimmy Friedrich.

(2) Yuri Simões: CTBJJA  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: ADCC Champion (2015)/ World Champion (2009 purple weight & absolute, 2011 brown)/ World Nogi Champion (2014 black weight & absolute, 2011 brown weight & absolute)/ Pan American Champion (2012/2014 black belt)/ European Champion (2009 purple weight & absolute, 2010, 2011 brown)

(3) Garry Tonon: RGA/Ocean County JJ  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: World No Gi Champion (2011 & 2012 brown)/ World Champion (2008 juvenile blue)/ Pan American No Gi Champion (2010 purple absolute, 2011, 2012 brown weight & absolute, 2015 black)/ EBI WW Champion (2014, 2015)/ EBI LW Champion (2015)/ FIVE Grappling Nevada Champion – No Gi (2014 weight & absolute)/ FIVE Grappling Nevada Champion – Gi (2014)

(4) Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez: 10th Planet  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: Onnit Invitational runner-up (2015)/ EBI runner-up (2014)

(5) Gordon Ryan: RGA/Ocean County JJ  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: World No-Gi Champion (2015 brown belt)/ Newaza Challenge Champion (2015)

  • Gordon is replacing Eddie Cummings who injured himself.

(6) Dean Lister: n/a  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: ADCC Champion (2003, 2011)/ ADCC Superfight Champion (2005)/ ADCC Open Weight Champion (2003)

(7) Felipe Fogolin
Resume: World No-gi Champion (2008 brown belt, 2012 master 1 black, 2013 master 1 black)

(8) Amir Allam: 10th Planet
Resume: n/a

(9) DJ Jackson: Team Lloyd Irvin  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: World Champion (2010 blue, 2011 purple, 2012 brown)/ No Gi World Champion (2009 blue, 2010 purple, 2011 brown, 2012/2015 black)/ Gracie World Champion (2012 brown, weight & absolute)/ Pan American Silver Medallist (2011 purple)/ Rickson Gracie Cup Silver Medal (2012 black)/ Pan American Bronze Medallist (2010 blue)/ No Gi World Championship Bronze Medallist (2015 absolute)

(10) Matheus Diniz: Alliance – Marcelo Garcia  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: World No Gi Champion (2014 & 2013 brown)/ Pan American Champion (2015 brown weight & absolute)
Pan American No Gi Champion (2015 black belt weight & absolute)/ New York Summer Open Champion (2015 black weight & absolute)/ New York No Gi Summer Open Champion (2015 black weight & absolute)/ New York Spring International Open Champion (2014 brown weight & absolute)/ World Championship 2nd Place (2012 purple, 2015 black absolute)/ World Championship 3rd Place (2014 brown, 2015 black)

(11) Fabian Bolaños: Roger Coelho student
Resume: Winner of the EBI 6 Qualifier

(12) Rustam Chsiev: K-Dojo
Resume: ADCC Bronze Medallist (2015)/ Ultimate Absolute runner-up (2011)

(13) Bruno Bastos: BB Association
Resume: World No Gi Champion Masters Div. (2012 weight & absolute)/ Pan American Champion Masters Div. (2011)/ Rio International Open Champion (2008)/ NY International Open Champion (2010)

(14) Evandro Nunes: Gracie Academy  (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: IBJJF Worlds No-Gi Champion (2013 brown)/ Gracie Nationals Gi Champion (2015 black absolute)/ NAGA – Las Vegas Ultra Heavy Champion (2015)/ NAGA – Las Vegas Ultra Heavy No-Gi Champion (2015)/ Gracie Nationals Gi Champion (black 2015)/ Gracie Nationals No-Gi Champion (black 2015)/ Gracie Nationals Super Fight Champion (black 2015)/ Gracie Worlds Super Fight Champion (2015)/ IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi 2nd Place (black 2015)/ UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles 3rd Place (black 2015)

(15) Lucas Rocha: Gracie Barra (<< for bio and grappling record click on link)
Resume: World Champion (2008 blue, 2009 purple)/ World No Gi Champion (2009 purple)/ Brazilian National Champion (2007 blue juvenil, 2008 blue adult)/ Pan American Champion (2008 blue, 2009 purple weight & absolute, 2010 brown)/ Pan American Championship 2nd Place (2010 brown absolute, 2015 black)/ Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2014 black)

(16) Jacen Flynn
We don’t know too much about Flynn. Sherdog mentions a positive MMA record with a win over Denis Kang and Dean Lister by split decision (Lister avenged that loss by way of kimura). Jacen seems to have a high submission ratio in MMA, and is said to have won the Gracie Nationals.

EBI 6 Brackets


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