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Lucas Lepri is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and one of the toughest fighters in the lightweight division. Training out of the Alliance BJJ team, this stand out from Minas Gerais – Brazil – has won some of the biggest tournaments in the World, consistently beeing at the top of the division since 2007. In 2008 he released a very successful DVD entitled “Lucas Lepri: Techniques of a World Champion“.

Lucas Lepri Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Lucas Alves Lepri

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson GracieSergio Souza > Mauro Chueng > Elan Santiago > Lucas Lepri

Nickname: N/A

Main Achievements/Record:

  • World Champion (2007, 2014)
  • World Champion, No-Gi (2009, 2010, 2011)
  • Brazilian National Champion (2014  - closed bracket with team mate)
  • Pan American Champion (2009, 2011/2013/2014  - closed bracket with team mate)
  • European Champion (2011 – closed bracket with team mate)
  • No Gi Pan American Champion (2009)
  • Jiu Jitsu World Silver Medalist (2007, 2012)
  • No Gi World Silver Medalist (2008 – middleweight)
  • Jiu Jitsu Pan American Silver Medalist (2008, 2012)
  • Deep X Champion (2007)

Weight Division: Lightweight (167Lbs/76Kg).

Favourite Technique/Position: Deep Half-Guard.

Association/Team: Alliance Jiu Jitsu.


Lucas Lepri Biography

Lucas Lepri as born on September 19th, 1985 in a city called Uberlândia at the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. He was always an avid sports player as a child and in his early teens, playing and competing in sports such as Futsal (a form of indoors soccer), Judo, Swimming and also Skating and Capoeira. The first time he paid attention to Jiu Jitsu was in 2000 through a Brazilian MTV program called “Vinte e Poucos Anos” (“Twenty odd years” in a rough translation), were Fernando Pontes (a Jiu Jitsu World Champion) showed his training routine coming up to the Pan American Competition.

After this guest appearance by Pontes, Lucas was fascinated by the sport and decided to find a Jiu Jitsu academy to try it out. A few weeks later, Lucas Lepri did his first warm up of many to come at his first instructor’s gym, the name of the instructor was Elan Santiago, a man that would become very important in Lucas’s rise to Black belt glory.

After a near miss in 2005 as a Brown Belt, achieving Silver Medal at the Mundial (World Championsips) and a 3rd Place at the Pan Ams in the following year (2006), Lucas Lepri was awarded his Black Belt. It came as a shock to most of the BJJ community when in 2007 he achieved the biggest victory possible in BJJ in his first year as a Black Belt, the World Champion Title (in 2007).

With the amazing boom of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in America, the Alliance academy was in need of an extra Black Belt to help with the teaching in their New York Academy, and so in 2008 Lucas Lepri moved to the American Metropolis. With his new home and new students, Lepri started one of his best competitive periods, achieving Gold at the Europeans and Pan American’s, Silver in the World Championships and Gold at the No Gi World Championships, gaining the recognition of the entire BJJ community. He also married his long time sweetheart Mayara in the same year.

Lucas Lepri Fight Stats

1 by sub
8 by Points (30%)
3 by Advantages (11%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
14 by Submission (52%)
2 by Decision (7%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)
1 by Brabo choke (7%)
Brabo choke
4 by Choke (29%)
5 by Choke from back (36%)
Choke from back
1 by Ezekiel (7%)
2 by Kimura (14%)
1 by Submission (7%)
7 by Points (77.78%)
2 by Advantages (22%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
0 by Submission (0%)
0 by Decision (0%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)

Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
724Gilbert BurnsGilbert BurnsLPointsWorld Champ.U76kgRound 12009
1033Gilbert BurnsGilbert BurnsLPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Champ.U76kg1/4 Final2011
1358Leandro LoLeandro LoLPts: 2x0Pan AmericanU82kgRd 12012
1432Rodrigo CaporalRodrigo CaporalLPts: 2x0World Pro.U76kgRd 22012
1441Roberto SatoshiRoberto SatoshiLPts: 2x0World Pro.U76kgFinal2012
1648Leandro LoLeandro LoLPts: 2x0World Champ.U76kgFinal2012
2029Leandro LoLeandro LoLAdvWorld Champ.U76kgSemi Final2013
2151Diego HertzogLPointsPan AmericanAbsoluteRd 32014
2265Felipe PenaFelipe PenaLN/ABrasileiroAbsoluteSemi f.2014
950Robson BarbosaWPts: 8x0World Champ.U76kg2nd2011
954William FerreiraWKimuraWorld Champ.U76kg3rd2011
1218Daniel AguiarWSubmissionNo Gi WorldsU76kg1/4 final2011
1238Marcel GonçalvesWPts: 6x0No Gi WorldsU76kgSemi f.2011
1250Augusto MendesAugusto MendesWAdvNo Gi WorldsU76kgFinal2011
1353Rodrigo SimoesWChokePan AmericanU76kg1/4 final2012
1356Vinicius MarinhoVinicius MarinhoWKimuraPan AmericanU76kgSemi f.2012
1439Leandro LoLeandro LoWPointsWorld Pro.U76kgSemi f.2012
1632Luis FragaWChokeWorld Champ.U76kgRd 22012
1642Renan BorgesWChoke from backWorld Champ.U76kg1/4 final2012
1646Thiago AbreuWEzekielWorld Champ.U76kgSemi f.2012
1891Caio SilvaWPointsPan AmericanU76kgRd 22013
1898Marcel GoulartWAdvPan AmericanU76kg1/4 final2013
1900Vinicius MarinhoVinicius MarinhoWChokePan AmericanU76kgSemi f.2013
2027Rodrigo FreitasWChokeWorld Champ.U76kg1/4 Final2013
2139Nathan MendelsohnWChoke from backPan AmericanAbsoluteRd 22014
2191Rafael HenriqueWChoke from backPan AmericanU76kgRd 12014
2198Rafael HenriqueWBrabo chokePan AmericanU76kg1/4 final2014
2202JT TorresJT TorresWAdvPan AmericanU76kgSemi f.2014
2261Caio AlmeidaWChoke from backBrasileiroAbsoluteRd 12014
2263Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoWRefree DecisionBrasileiroAbsoluteRd 22014
2264Pedro FernandesWChoke from backBrasileiroAbsolute1/4 final2014
2268Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoWRefree DecisionBrasileiroAbsolute1/4 final2014
2399Gabriel RolloWPts: 2x0World Champ.U76kgRounds2014
2409Rodrigo de FreitasWPts: 7x0World Champ.U76kg1/4 Final2014
2411Roberto SatoshiRoberto SatoshiWPts: 20x0World Champ.U76kgSemi f.2014
2412JT TorresJT TorresWPts: 12x0World Champ.U76kgFinal2014

Lucas Lepri vs Gregor Gracie (NY BJJ Open, Absolute Division)

Lucas Lepri Highlight

Lucas Lepri vs Augusto “Tanquinho”

Lucas Lepri vs JT Torres (No Gi Pan American 2009)


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