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Guto Monteiro

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Augusto Monteiro, commonly known as Guto Monteiro, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu pioneer in Manaus – state of Amazonas, Brazil. Guto Monteiro and his brothers (Binho, Yano and Lucio) founded the “Associação Monteiro” one of the most successful academies in the world, having been responsible for starting up several world champions, including Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Gabriel Moraes and Omar Salum.

Guto Monteiro Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Adriano Augusto Braga Monteiro

Nickname: Guto or Gutinho, which is short or friendly way of saying Augusto.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Royler Gracie/Rolker Gracie > Guto Monteiro

Main Achievements: n/a

Favourite Position: n/a

Weight Division: n/a

Team/Association: Associação Monteiro

Guto Monteiro Biography

Augusto Monteiro was born on the 26th of October 1968 in Manaus, capital of the Amazonas state in Brazil. Guto was the second child to be born out of a total of 4 brothers, all of which became BJJ black belts.

The Monteiro’s discovered Jiu Jitsu through a friend who introduced them to the martial art and took them to a class with Luís Façanha. Luís was part of a small group of men who took classes with Reyson Gracie the first time Reyson was in the state (1976) and consequently one of the first men to learn the Gracie style in the region. Façanha had later been further instructed in Jiu Jitsu by Osvaldo Alves, a man with great influence in the development of Jiu Jitsu in the area.

Guto continued training under Façanha’s guidance until him and his brothers moved to Rio de Janeiro for personal reasons. There the Monteiros joined the Gracie Humaitá academy, training under the watchful eyes of 3 Gracie family members, Rickson, Rolker and Royler Gracie. Competitions at the time were scarce in BJJ and the main federation organizing events was the Rio de Janeiro Federation (FJJRio). Though most of the Gracie Academy students intended to test themselves in competition, they were not allowed to do so for a long period due to the feud between Helio Gracie and his nephew Robson Gracie who presided the Rio de Janeiro Federation.

Always spending time between Rio de Janeiro and his home town, Guto decided to open the Associação Monteiro on the 25th of January 1988 in Manaus. Guto would later find support in his brothers. The Monteiro academy was also one of the first academies outside of Rio to support Carlos Gracie Junior with his attempt to organize an international federation in 1996, the CBJJ/IBJJF.

The fact that they could not compete did not prevent Guto and brothers from progressing in BJJ. The first one to earn the grade of black belt was his younger brother Fabio (Binho) but Guto Monteiro wasn’t too far behind, earning his rank in 1994.

The Monteiro academy kept growing and showcasing the potential of the Amazonas state, raising a tremendous amount of champions, specially considering their regional status. The standard of coaching helped maintain the level of the academy very high, being continuously regarded as one of the top Jiu Jitsu academies in the world. Guto Monteiro’s reputation also grew with the gym’s world wide recognition, earning Guto a competition in his own name, the “Copa Guto Monteiro”.

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