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The Companhia Paulista, commonly know as Cia Paulista, is an historical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team enrooted in São Paulo, Brazil. Cia started as a small local team though it grew into one of the top Jiu Jitsu academies in the world since its birth in the 1980’s. Cia Paulista is famed for producing high calibre fighters such as Eduardo Santoro, Carlos Vieira, Roberto Godoi and for their strong links with MMA through fighters such as “Rampage” Jackson, Jorge Patino, Tito Ortiz and many others.

Cia Paulista History

The group was formed by Marcelo Behring in the early 1980’s, Behring would move to Australia and leave the students being taught by one of his top pupils, Waldomiro Perez Junior. The academy back then fought under the Behring banner, but as Marcelo stepped aside from the team Perez felt the need to change the team name, it was then that Cia Athletica started. Cia Athletica was the name of the place where the team trained, though only a few years later the name changed to Companhia Paulista as a way to identify the team with the state of Sao Paulo (“Paulista” is the name given to Sao Paulo’s natives in Portuguese). In a time where Rio de Janeiro’s academies dominated the Jiu Jitsu scene, Cia wanted to make a clear statement that they were from the rival state of Sao Paulo.

Though the year of its conception remains unrecorded, 1988 is widely accepted as the year of Cia Paulista’s foundation. This was the year in which the team won its first major trophy, a 3rd place at the Copa Atlantico Sul in the Junior Division (Atlantico Sul was regarded as the toughest and most prestigious competition of the 1980s).


Name Companhia Paulista
Team Lineage Academia Gracie > Behring Jiu Jitsu > Companhia Paulista
Founded 1988
Founder Waldomiro Perez
Board Waldomiro Perez & Eduardo Leitão
Int. Board Carlos “Portugues” Vieira & Paulo Gazze
First Black Belt(s) Max Trombini
HQ Address 19069 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach – Ca 92648
Prominent Fighters Carlos Vieira, Eduardo Santoro, Daniel Azevedo
Main Team Achievements 10x Sao Paulo State Champion
Official Website
List of Black Belts Cia Paulista’s black belts on BJJ Heroes


With time, some of Cia Paulista’s black belts went on to form their own teams, many became tremendously successful academies like: Macaco Gold Team, Barbosa Jiu Jitsu and Godoi Jiu Jitsu, all from the Paulista lineage.With high demand for quality Jiu Jitsu in the Sao Paulo region, Cia Paulista rapidly grew, becoming a reference for the sport in their state, only being rivalled at the time by Lotus Club. This was previous to the arrival of academies such as Ryan Gracie Team, Alliance or TT. Cia Paulista’s head instructor, Waldomiro Perez Junior, was highly regarded also for his open mind towards other combat sports, in the early 1990’s Cia Paulista already offered cross training in different martial arts, namely boxing (through Miguel de Oliveira and João Cardozo) and Judo through Milton Maximiliano Trombini.

Cia Paulista Abroad

Though the name shows proudly the team’s roots, Cia Paulista outgrew Sao Paulo a long time ago. Paulo Gazze was the first black belt to expand Cia Paulista, coaching in Huntington Beach, California. Carlos “Portugues” Vieira was another one that carried the torch outside Sao Paulo, forming a strong branch in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. He went on to open other academies all over the world, namely in Iceland, Spain (Gran Canarias) and the Australian branch which quickly became one of the strongest teams in the Australasian continent. The US, where the team’s Head Quarters is based, is also a country where the Paulista has established very strong base camps, and its leader, Waldomiro Junior, resides.
Cia Paulista in MMA

Cia Paulista’s relationship with MMA started in the 1990’s. The academy’s first champions were Jorge Patino “Macaco” and Roberto Godoi, who became highly respected MMA fighters in the country (especially Macaco) in the early days of MMA, when the sport was still called Vale Tudo and the rules were far to brutal to be displayed on television. With Waldomiro Junior’s move to the United States of America, many American fighters requested Junior’s expertise to improve their own ground skills. Fighters such as former UFC Champions Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson trained avidly at Cia Paulista. Some, like Brady Fink, had the honour of being graded black belt by Master Waldomiro.

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  • Marc Tiro says:

    Im proud to be part of this team Cia paulista INternational!!with having MAster Waldomiro Perez and profesor Paulo GAZZE as guide to learn martial arts and for better lifesyle!!!Its always an Honor to get a visit from master Max Trombini evey year straight from Sao Paulo brazil!!and of course these people are my heros but i cant forget Professor Carlos Portuguese Vierra a beast competitor that he is!!!!MY RESPECTS TO ALL OF YOU AND LOOKING FORWARD FOR ANOTHER GREAT YEAR!!!TEAM CIA PAULISTA FOR LIFE!!!!!OOOSSSSSSSSSS

  • Vitor says:

    It's an honor to be part of such a great team (Cia Paulista) and to have such great instructors, Waldomiro Perez and Paulo Gazze. I look forward to representing our team again this year and for many years to come, and to help train with my teammates, cheer for Cia Paulista members, and to watch our family continue to grow and win. I believe that the future looks bright for Cia Paulista!!!

  • Russell Tupper-Brown says:

    Since I joined the Cia Paulista family 7years ago, my life has transformed in so many ways. My Sensei, 6th degree Black Belt Waldomiro Perez Jr., as well as my other Coaches, Cia Paulista Black Belts Brady Fink and Paulo Gazze, have elevated me from a common fan of fighting into a 3xAmerican National Jiu-Jitsu Champion, and a true Martial Artist. However, I do not measure the gift Jiu-Jitsu has been in my life simply by the championships I have won. Rather it is measured in the many ways it has benefited me, and my family. My son Roman, who is 6, has earned his Grey Belt after 4years of growth and hard work. This is the GREATEST accomplishment of his young life! It is something he takes a great deal of pride in. His belt represents the virtues he has learned and embodied at such a young age. Benevolence, honor, respect, discipline, work ethic, bravery, self control, confidence, as well as skill, and true self expression thru his art. He is 6, but he is an honorable martial artist in every sense of the word…

  • Russell Tupper-Brown says:

    (continued…) Jiu-Jitsu, especially my Cia Paulista lineage, has given me professional opportunitys as well. I have been paid to fight, and have fought on television, both of which were realizations of dreams for me. I have been a paid training partner for fighters such as Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Cheick Kongo, and Michael "the Count" Bisping for many UFC fights, including Rampage's time as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. I also have become an instructor. I now teach Jiu-Jitsu at Rampage Fitness Academy in Mission Viejo, Ca. I am earning a living practicing and teaching my art every single day. Developing my students to be champions, true martial artists, and better people. I am very thankful and honored to be a part of the Cia Paulista family. Oosss!!!

  • Michael Clary says:

    Becoming part of the Cia Paulista famaily is one of the best decisions Ive many positives about training under Waldomiro Perez Jr. Ive increased my strength,muscular endurance, leaned out and being taught BJJ by a LEGEND! Now he have joined forces with Gazze academy(also Cia PAulista ) Paulo Gazze Jr. We are getting so much knowledge and experience by 2 of the best instructors you can find in all of BJJ. Together they have created in my opinion "the best Martial arts BJJ Dojo in all of southern Ca". To be trained under theese 2 BJJ legend's is a complete honor! The amount of talent that comes out of that dojo is unbelievable! Let me just say that being apart of the CIa PAulista Team is like being apart of a NFL superbowl Championship team! Theese guys build Winners! Ans I firmly believe that they can build a champion out of anyone who desires it! If you want to learn REAL BJJ and be on a winning team and enjoy the benefits froml earning from theese 2 Masters then CIA Paulista is the place for you!! OSSSS!
    I am honored to be apart of Cia Paulista thankyou so much!

  • OC Muay Thai says:

    I train at another school in Orange County (OC Jiu-Jitsu), but have trained with Waldomiro in the past and have to say he is a nice an genuine guy. Everyone in OC speaks highly of his character.

  • Willie Scott says:

    Very proud to be part of CIA PAULISTA based in Edinburgh , Scotland

  • Jiu-Jitsu gi says:

    I know Waldomiro Perez Jr was at HBUTC and the Rampage Fitness Academy. Does anyone know if he is teaching anywhere else besides Gazze’s academy?

  • Darrell says:

    I too am from the lineage of Cia Paulista, my Master, Jorge Macaco Patino carries the CIA Paulista lineage, now under the banner of Macaco Gold Team, he is currently a 2 division champion (155 & 170) in the Legacy Fighting Chanpionship organization, he has numerous local, state and PAN American No Gi champion for 2011 (Masters), very lucky to carry on the Cia Paulista lineage. If you are ever in Houston, TX, look up Macaco Gold Team TX, you have a home here!!

  • Miguel Gutiérrez says:

    Muy agradecido de ser parte de CIA-PAULISTA, no pude haber escogido mejor equipo de Jiu jitsu !!!! Desde Cd. Juárez saludos y Bienvenidos si desean entrenar en Pro-Athletes Martial Arts-CIA PAULISTA Juárez !!!!! Osssss

  • Eric Johnson says:

    CIA Paulista has changed my life in many ways . Im more then proud to be a part of this family and believe there is no other family capable of being as strong as us. I'm honored to be a student of Waldimiro Perez Jr for the past 10 years and thank him for sharing his skills and knowledge of this art with us. I know we will become the greatest team to have ever stepped on the mat.

  • Harold Giron says:

    I am proud to be a part of the CIA PAULISTA team, family, and lineage! I fight under the tutelage of master Frederico Sabbatini. I have also had the pleasure of training with master Gazze at his academy! CIA PAULISTA forever! OSS!!

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