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Grand Slam Results: Márcio André Beats Najmi and Satoshi for Gold!

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JANUARY 14, 2017 – Abu Dhabi. Amazing day of jiu jitsu in the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as we witnessed the 3rd stage of the 2nd season of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. The tournament gathered a few of the top grapplers in the world, all of which fought for a shot at the hefty prize money given to the event’s champion.

Although there were a few damaging referee decisions, the event ran smoothly with exciting matches across all weight classes. Below are the results of the black belt adult divisions of the famous tournament:



Hiago George (BRA) defeated Tomoyuki Hashimoto (JPN) by 1 advantage (2×2 pts)
The smallest male division of the tournament was decided by the two highest profile athletes in the category. the bigger grappler, George imposed his power from the top for most of the match with the Japanese “Passport” Hashimoto defending well and proving why he has one of the best guards in the game. The match had some fast paced moments and was entertaining through and through.


Isaque Paiva (BRA) defeated Tiago Bravo (BRA) by way of choke from the back
Many expected to see Paulo Miyao in the final, and even though he was at the weigh-ins on Friday, he did not walk on the mats (reason unknown). Instead the division was decided between two highly accomplished athletes Bravo and Paiva who ran through their division on their way to a very exciting final, a match totally controlled by Paiva.


Márcio André (BRA) defeated Roberto Satoshi (BRA) by way of 2×0 points
In arguably the most stacked weight class of the event, both Satoshi and André had to endure some very tough battles to reach the final. Márcio, who defeated one of the favourites in Edwin Najmi at the semis, was on top form with his high paced style, and even though he is a natural featherweight (70kg) competing against lightweights, he was able to impose his game and adapt to the bigger grapplers with relative ease and flashy performances.


Gabriel Arges (BRA) defeated Mateus Spirandeli (BRA) by RNC
Fantastic division, stacked with the future of the middleweight division. Arges looked fantastic throughout the tournament with a very tight match in the semi final against Jaime Canuto, which was decided by advantages. He carried on to the final against Spirandeli who was also in great form, proving why he is one of Leandro Lo‘s most talented young students. In the final Arges was very active and dominant, finishing the young talent from the back.


Alexandre Ribeiro (BRA) defeated Adam Wardzinski (POL) by way of 4 advantages (0x0 pts)
Top Poland prospect Adam Wardzinski had an incredible tournament, being the second Polish athlete to reach the final a major Grand Slam event at adult black belt. Having just recently (October) earned his rank, Wardzinski showed he is an excellent prospect for the immediate future, taking the veteran “Xande” Ribeiro to the advantages game with incredible guard retention.


José Junior (BRA) defeated Jiddu Ramos (BRA) by way of kimura
Junior has proved he is one of the top black belts in the division for the past few years, competing mainly in the UAEJJF circuit. He has done it again today in dominant fashion.


Talita Alencar (BRA) defeated Rikako Yuasa (JPN) by way of 1 advantage (0x0 pts)
Both athletes reached the final with ease but the final was incredibly even with Alencar being the busier competitor from the top and Yuasa playing her trademarked lasso guard. Talita ended up taking the win by forcing Yuasa to turn on 4 turtle.


Bia Mesquita (BRA) defeated Luiza Monteito (BRA) by way of choke from back mount
Dominant performance by Mesquita who sliced through the division earning both wins with quick finishes.


Ana Carolina Vieira (BRA) defeated Brenda Heller (BRA) by way of ezekiel choke
A match between two well known athletes with famous family members. Carolina being the sister of Rodolfo Vieira and brown belt Brenda Heller the wife of Márcio André. A very physical grappler, “Baby” Vieira beat Heller conclusively by passing the guard, mounting and getting the choke near the end.


Nathiely de Jesus (BRA) defeated Vanessa Oliveira (BRA) by way of choke from back
Another strong performance by Nathiely who continues to prove why she is regarded as one of the best female athletes on the planet, today.

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