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2014 BJJ World Championship Results – IBJJF

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Ruotolo Brothers Leg Pins and Darce Attacks

2014 BJJ Mundials ResultsFantastic day at the 2014 World Jiu Jitsu Championship, also known as the Mundial. The black belt divisions were on fire and, as predicted by many, this was one of the best Jiu Jitsu ‘Worlds’ in recent history, with plenty of submissions and fast paced fights.

The ‘flavour of the week’ technique that stood out the most this year was the lapel guard(s). This seems to be a hot topic in the sport, with Keenan Cornelius and Braulio Estima leading the way. Another surprising turn of events were the disqualifications of Guto Campos and Cornelius, both high profile competitors with real chances of reaching a gold medal, who missed that chance due to controversial disqualifications. Below are the results of the 2014 World Jiu Jitsu Championships, men’s Adult Black Belt Categories.

Open Weight BJJ World Championship Results

Detailed results of all the fights in the absolute division:

Murilo SantanaSeth Garvern/aRd 1
Keenan CorneliusCarlos EduardoRef. DecisionRd 1
Leo NogueiraJorden Reichenbachn/aRd2
CyborgTanner ricePointsRd2
Rodolfo VieiraAJ AgazarmChoke f backRd2
Bernardo FariaGustavo SilvaChokeRd2
Abraham MarteRaphael GoulartChokeRd2
Leandro LoOmar SabaCross chokeRd2
Sean RobertsChoi ChoiPointsRd2
BuchechaJuanes NunesArmbarRd2
Braulio EstimaA. AntonioliArmlockRd2
Alex TransWilliam LimaKneebarRd2
R. EvangelistaAlexandre FrotaFootlockRd2
PreguiçaGiovanne DeallemaChoke f backRd 2
Bernardo FariaAbraham MarteArmbarRd 3
Luiz PanzaKarim KalifahChoke f backRd 3
Braulio EstimaCyborgn/aRd 3
Rodolfo VieiraSean RobertsChoke f backRd 3
Leo NogueiraC NegromontePointsRd 3
Keenan CorneliusLeandro LoPts 6x4Rd 4
Alex TransMurilo SantanaPts 6x2Rd 4
BuchechaR. EvangelistaPts 4x4 ad 1x0Rd 4
PreguiçaLuiz PanzaJudge DecRd 3
Bernardo FariaBraulio EstimaPts 8x01/4 Final
Keenan CorneliusLeo NogueiraTriangle1/4 Final
Rodolfo VieiraAlex TransChoke1/4 Final
BuchechaPreguiçaFootlock1/4 Final
Rodolfo VieiraBernardo FariaWristlockSemi Final
BuchechaKeenan CorneliusPts 10x4Semi Final
BuchechaRodolfo VieiraPts 2x0Final

Adult Men’s Weight Divisions BJJ World Championship Results

Koji ShibamotoWashington LimaFootlockGaloRounds
Ivaniel OliveiraTakuia KitatePointsGaloRounds
MalfacineJoao KuruokaArmbarGaloRounds
Jorge EliasJoao Pedro OliveiraN/AGaloRounds
Luis AndradeMilton BastosN/AGaloRounds
Koji ShibamotoTayo Shioto2x0GaloRounds
Joao MiyaoKoji Shibamoto25x4Galo1/4 Final
MalfacineB. MullinsBow and ArrowGalo1/4 Final
Jorge Elias BucaramLuiz FernandoToe HoldGalo1/4 Final
Ivaniel OliveiraLeandro TatuChoke f backGalo1/4 Final
JoaoIvaniel Oliveira2x0GaloSemi Final
MalfacineJorge Elias BucaramSubmissionGaloSemi Final
MalfacineJoaoJudge DecisionGaloFinal
Lincoln LisboaBarata FreitasN/APlumaRounds
EsquisitoJohn ChoRef decPlumaRounds
Laercio F.Daren AkiraN/APlumaRounds
Gabriel MoraesYushuto YamadaPointsPlumaRounds
Paulo MiyaoTomoya YanagisawaChoke f backPlumaRounds
Gui MendesPaulo SantanaSubmissionPlumaRounds
EsquisitoDaniel AbeN/APlumaRounds
Laercio F.Hideyuki YamadaN/APlumaRounds
EsquisitoLaercio F.4x4 AdvPluma1/4 Final
Gabriel MoraesThomas Lisboa11x2Pluma1/4 Final
Paulo MiyaoDai YoshiokaAdvantagesPluma1/4 Final
Gui MendesKanekoChokePluma1/4 Final
Gui MendesEsquisito7x2PlumaSemi Final
Paulo MiyaoGabriel MoraesN/APlumaSemi Final
QueixinhoPaul BarbosaTrianglePlumaRounds
Gui MendesPaulo MiyaoAd 2x0PlumaFinal
Rafael MendesTumas KristenChoke f backPenaRounds
CobrinhaRobson BarbosaPointsPenaRounds
Gianni GrippoSimone FranceschiniPointsPenaRounds
Rafael MendesNicollas AraujoChoke f backPenaRounds
Italo LinsDavid LemesTrianglePenaRounds
Gianni GrippoWagner SilvaChoke f backPenaRounds
Denilson PimentaAndre MonteiroPointsPenaRounds
Mario ReisCharles GasparN/APenaRounds
CobrinhaMario SilvaN/APenaRounds
Italo LinsQueixinho2x0PenaRounds
Mario ReisMegatonN/APenaRounds
PimentaSamir ChantrePointsPenaRounds
CobrinhaItalo LinsArmbarPena1/4 Final
Rafael MendesGrippoChoke f backPena1/4 Final
Mario ReisPimentaAdvantage 1x0Pena1/4 Final
Isaque PaivaCascaoJudge DecPena1/4 Final
Rafael MendesMario ReisChoke f backPenaSemi Final
CobrinhaIsaque Paiva24x2PenaSemi Final
Rafael MendesCobrinha10x8PenaFinal
DJ JacksonN/AWristlockLeveRounds
SinistroRuy FradePointsLeveRounds
JT TorresL. GilesChoke f backLeveRounds
R. SatoshiT. KanekoN/ALeveRounds
Rodrigo FreitasDJ JacksonNegative PtLeveRounds
Juan KamezawaJuan Vega5x0LeveRounds
Lucas LepriGabriel Rollo2x0LeveRounds
Michael LanghiH. TakamotoN/AleveRounds
Celso VeniciusSinistro5x2LeveRounds
R. SatoshiAJ AgazarmChoke f backLeveRounds
LanghiHelton AmboChoke f backLeveRounds
JT TorresRafael Pereira7x0LeveRounds
Juan KamezawaSergio de OliveiraChoke f backLeveRounds
R. SatoshiCelsinho Venicius2x0Leve1/4 Final
LanghiPhilipe FurãoTriangleLeve1/4 Final
JT TorresJuan KamezawaJudge DecLeve1/4 Final
Lucas LepriRodrigo de Freitas7x0Leve1/4 Final
JT TorresLanghi4x4 adv 1LeveSemi Final
Lucas LepriR. Satoshi20x0LeveSemi Final
Lucas LepriJT Torres12x0LeveFinal
Victor EstimaRobson LimaArmbarMedioRounds
CalasansAlex AristidesOmoplataMedioRounds
Vitor OliveiraThomas HernanN/AMedioRounds
Clark GracieThiago DutraArmbarMedioRounds
Victor EstimaLapelaAdvantagesMedioRounds
FormigaTanner RiceN/AMedioRounds
Clark GracieLeo IturraldeInverted triangleMedioRounds
Leandro LoKawazoe28x0MedioRounds
Vitor OliveiraStephen MartinezN/AMedioRounds
Otavio SousaCaio Almeida2x0MedioRounds
Marcos SouzaKit Dale2x0MedioRounds
Luas RochaPaulo LedesmaN/AMedioRounds
Leandro LoTulio RosarioX Choke f mountMedioRounds
Jaime CanutoClark Gracie3x2MedioRounds
Otavio SousaIsrael ReyesArmbarMedioRounds
Leandro LoSean Roberts6x0MedioRounds
Victor EstimaMat JuberaTriangleMedioRounds
Leandro LoVitor SilverioAdvantages 2x0Medio1/4 Final
Otavio SousaVitor Oliveira4x2Medio1/4 Final
FinfouJaime Canuto6X4Medio1/4 Final
Victor EstimaCalasansJudge DecMedio1/4 Final
Otavio SousaFinfouArmbarMedioSemi Final
Leandro LoVictor Estima7x2MedioSemi Final
Leandro LoOtavio Sousa9x6MedioFinal
Keenan CorneliusMaciel TrindadetriangleMeio PesadoRounds
Diogo GamonalKeenan CorneliusKnee ReapingMeio PesadoRounds
Murilo SantanaMario RossiChokeMeio PesadoRounds
Braulio EstimaDon SchontriangleMeio PesadoRounds
Guto CamposWilliam MartinsPointsMeio PesadoRounds
Braulio EstimaRaul CastillotriangleMeio PesadoRounds
Romulo BarralAdeildo José SilvaChokeMeio PesadoRounds
Romulo BarralAbmar BarbosaSubmissionMeio Pesado1/4 Final
Guto CamposRenato Cardoso11x2Meio Pesado1/4 Final
Braulio EstimaThiago SaChoke f backMeio Pesado1/4 Final
Murilo SantanaDiego GamonalPointsMeio Pesado1/4 Final
Romulo BarralGuto CamposKnee ReapingMeio PesadoSemi Final
Braulio EstimaMurilo Santana8x2Meio PesadoSemi Final
Braulio EstimaRomulo BarralGentleman Ag.Meio PesadoFinal
Jackson SousaFelipe BuenoPointsPesadoRounds
PreguiçaJohn Jordan42x2PesadoRounds
Andre GalvaoLuiz PanzaChoke f backPesado1/4 Final
Lovato JrJackson Sousa2x0Pesado1/4 Final
PreguiçaNivaldo OliveiraTriangle/armbarPesado1/4 Final
Demetrius SousaLucas LeiteAdv 4x0Pesado1/4 Final
Andre GalvaoLovato Jr5x0PesadoSemi Final
PreguiçaDemetrius SousaChoke f backPesadoSemi Final
PreguiçaAndre Galvao6x4PesadoFinal
Leo NogueiraTarcisio Jardim2x0Super Pesado1/4 Final
Rodolfo VieiraJames PuopoloChoke f backSuper Pesado1/4 Final
Yuri SimoesGustavo Pires3x2Super Pesado1/4 Final
Bernardo FariaIgor SilvaChoke f backSuper Pesado1/4 Final
Rodolfo VieiraLeo NogueiraKatagatameSuper PesadoSemi Final
Bernardo FariaYuri Simoes8x5Super PesadoSemi Final
Rodolfo VieiraBernardo FariaArmbarSuper PesadoFinal
R. EvangelistaMario Barbosa5x0Pesadissimo1/4 Final
BuchechaHelton NogueiraArmbarPesadissimo1/4 Final
Thiago GaiaRodrigoJudge DecPesadissimo1/4 Final
Alexander TransAbraham MartePointsPesadissimo1/4 Final
BuchechaR. EvangelistaChoke f backPesadissimoSemi Final
Alexander TransThiago GaiaAgreementPesadissimoSemi Final
BuchechaAlexander TransChoke f backPesadissimoFinal

Adult Women’s Divisions BJJ World Championship Results

Galo: Shiho Yaginuma (Unpluged Kokubunji) beat Marcela Lawton (Judge Decision)

Pluma: Gezary Matuda (ATT) beat Ariadne Oliveira (Mestre Wilson) (7×2)

Pena: Michelle Nicolini (Checkmat) beat Tammi Musumeci (AOJ) (13×6 – At the end Nicolini broke Tammi’s arm with an armlock, Tammi showed tremendous heart and did not quit, one of the ‘wow’ moments of the tournament)

Leve: Bia Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá) vs Luiza Monteiro (Cícero Costha) (2×0)

Médio: Janni Larsson (Checkmat) vs Vanessa Oliveira (GFTeam) (Points)

Meio-pesado: Ana Laura Cordeiro (GB) vs Hannette Staack (Brazil 021) (2×2, Advantages)

Pesado: Andresa Correa (Alliance) vs Fernanda Mazzelli (Striker) (2×2, Advantages 5×1)

Superpesado: Venla Luukkonen vs Andrea Pereira (Omar Salum) (Armlock from mount)

Absoluto: Bia Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá) vs Michelle Nicolini (Checkmat) (5×0)

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