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Fernando Vieira
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Fernando Vieira

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Fernando Vieira is a talented jiu jitsu fighter from Manaus, Brazil, A city that is regarded as one of the biggest hives in the world for BJJ which has brought us fighters like Saulo and Xande RibeiroRonaldo SouzaBibiano Fernandes, Jose Aldo, Kiki Melo and many others. Fernando Vieira graduated as a black belt under Cristiano Carioca, and became a world champion in 2004, he has also won the World Pro Cup championship in 2012.

Fernando Vieira Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Luis Fernando Vieira

Nickname: N/A

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Royler Gracie/Rolker Gracie > Guto Monteiro > Cristiano Carioca > Fernando Vieira

Main Achievements:

  • World Champion (2002 blue, 2003 purple, 2004 black)
  • World Pro Cup Champion (2012)
  • Amazon Meeting Champion (2010, 2011)
  • World Silver Medallist (2001 blue)

Favourite Position/Technique: Open guard

Weight Division: Peso Pluma (64kg/141lbs)

Team/Association: Carioca Team/Evolução Thai

Fernando Vieira Biography

Fernando Vieira was born in 1985 in Manaus, Brazil. He started training jiu jitsu when he was 10 years old because some of his friends already practiced the sport. He became an active competitor almost from the get-go and earned his blue belt just before he reached his 16th anniversary. Fernando went on to fight his first world tournament as a fresh blue belt, and impressed all by reaching an honourable 2nd place in the tournament. He returned the competition the following year to win his first world title as a blue belt. Fernando would repeat the deed as a purple belt in 2003.

Vieira earned his brown belt after the 2003 gold medal, and was preparing himself to fight the 2004 world tournament as a brown belt; however, his instructor Cristiano Carioca had other plans for him. At the time, Bibiano Fernandes (who is also from Manaus and trained at a rival academy) was the king of the pluma/light featherweight division; Bibiano hadn’t been defeated in BJJ for years, though Cristiano Carioca truly believed Vieira was the man to beat him. With that in mind, Carioca promoted Fernando Vieira to black belt that same year. It turned out that Master Carioca was indeed right, and Vieira won against Bibiano Fernandes on his way to a black belt gold medal at the world championships.

Fernando Vieira’s fighting career took a step in a different direction after his win at the world championships, as he was invited to come to the south of Brazil (Curitiba) to teach grappling to an MMA team. When in Curitiba, Fernando Vieira met professional fighters André Amade (Dida) and his brother Mauricio Amade (Veio) who became good friends of Vieira. It was the two brothers who invited Fernando to come and train with them at UDL (Universidade da Luta) a team where the Amade brothers trained, it was there that Fernando Vieira started training and fighting in mixed martial arts (MMA).

After a period at UDL, the Amado brothers went to Canada and Vieira stayed behind coaching at UDL, shortly after Fernando Vieira decided to start training and focussing on competing with the kimono once again. For that purpose he returned to Manaus to train at the Carioca team once again. Fernando competed the world pro cup in 2012 and won his division. He also fought the absolute and won a couple of fights against the big guys.

Winning a major tournament such as the world jiu jitsu pro cup opened a few doors to Fernando Vieira, and after that he was offered a position as grappling coach at the Evolução Thai academy in Canada, a school run by his long time friends, Andre “Dida” and Mauricio “Veio”.

Fernando Vieira Grappling Record

    5 (42%)
    1 (8%)
    6 (50%)
    0 (0%)
    0 (0%)
  • BY DQ
    0 (0%)


Bow and arrow
    2 (40%)
    2 (40%)
    1 (20%)
    0 (0%)
    0 (0%)
  • BY DQ
    0 (0%)



Fernando Vieira Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
5076Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoLAdvWorld Pro Trial70KGF2014
5414Victor SilverioVictor SilverioDN/ACopa Podio77KGGP2014
5423Gilbert BurnsGilbert BurnsLPts: 2x0Copa Podio77KGGP2014
8332Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoLPts: 8x8, AdvGrand Slam - Rio69KGF2015
8390V. SilvaLSubmissionGrand Slam - RioABSR12015
11278Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaLPointsManaus Nat. Pro69KGF2017
1042Bibiano FernandesBibiano FernandesWPts: 4x2World Champ.64KGF2004
3372Gilson NunesGilson NunesWPointsAmazon Meeting70KGN/A2011
3671Gabriel WilcoxWPts: 4x0World Pro.64KG4F2012
3675Bruno LopesWChokeWorld Pro.64KGSF2012
3677Thiago BarretoWAdvWorld Pro.64KGF2012
5074Elton TadeuWSubmissionWorld Pro Trial70KGSF2014
5419M. AndreWPts: 6x2Copa Podio77KGGP2014
5427Gianni GrippoGianni GrippoD---Copa Podio77KGGP2014
8326Laercio BarbosaWChokeGrand Slam - Rio69KG8F2015
8327Victor MoraisWBow and arrowGrand Slam - Rio69KG4F2015
8331Isaque PaivaIsaque PaivaWPts: 11x4Grand Slam - Rio69KGSF2015
11274Rodney F.WSubmissionManaus Nat. Pro69KG4F2017
11276Caio SantosWSubmissionManaus Nat. Pro69KGSF2017

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Fernando Vieira vs Gabriel Wilcox

Fernando Vieira vs Gilson Nunes

Fernando Vieira vs Denis Anderle

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One Comment

  • Graham says:

    ‘Fernando Vieira, BJJ instructor at Evolucao Thai in Toronto Canada and former world and Abu Dhabi Pro champion, came to Canada (brought here by Mauricio “Veio” Amado, who knew exactly what kind of person Fernando was) and in about a year managed to get himself arrested for and convicted of abusing two different women. He was also fired from his job for just not showing up to work because he was busy abusing his girlfriend. And Mauricio posted his bail the first time (he never got bail when he was arrested with the second woman) and tried to hide the charges from gym staff and students.

    Fernando offered a black belt to one of my friends if my friend would help him escape conviction. He refused, obviously.

    There were more charges than this, but in his bargain he pled guilty to assault and mischief for the first victim, and to assault with restriction of breathing and failure to comply with the terms of his bail for the second victim.

    He got deported just last night, and I hope this post somehow makes it to the top of search results when people look for him. At least one of the two victims is reading this post.’

    ‘Fernando Vieira assaults women. Fernando Vieira has plead guilty to beating and suffocating his girlfriends, knowing some of the details of the situation I would say Fernando plead guilty to the bare minimum that he could have been convicted of during a trial.

    Fernando refuses to admit any wrongdoing on a personal level. When I asked him why he broke up with the first girl in Toronto he dated and abused, he said that she was crazy. No admission that police and her family had to physically rescue her from Fernando. I did not hear about his abuse of her until he was arrested for abusing his second girlfriend in Toronto.

    Fernando admits to being jealous and possessive of his girlfriends. Talking to one of the victims, I can confirm this is true and only the tip of the iceberg. Fernando Vieira is a chronic abuser of women. Apparently this was well known before he was brought to Evoluçao Thai MMA.

    While I have only heard via hearsay that Mauricio “Veio” Amado knew Fernando abused women before hiring him, I do know that Mauricio lived with Fernando and who would become Fernando’s first Toronto victim. While this girl was being abused and terrorized, Mauricio was living with them and, from all accounts I’ve heard, did nothing to stop the abuse nor protect the victim.

    Because of Mauricio’s complicity in the abuse, I have quit his academy and will remain with the faction of our club which opposed this abuse, once known, and have rebranded the club. I cannot train with anyone who has exhibited such a lack of morals or compassion for a helpless victim of abuse.’

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