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European BJJ Open 2012 Results

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Another edition of the European Jiu Jitsu Championships, opening the Jiu Jitsu season for the year of 2012. Many were looking forward for a few new duels that were in the making as fighters such as Roberto Satoshi, Alexander Trans, Ida Hansson and a few others had a chance to test their newly received black belt, and in fact from this promising trio, had an almost 100% success rate came through as all of them won their respective weight classes. Here are the results of the tournament’s finals.

Men’s European BJJ Open Black Belt Finals Results

Weight Winner Team Loser Team Result
Galo Koji Shibamoto Tri-Force M.Todokoro Paraestra n/a
Pluma Carlos Vieira Checkmat Leandro Martins Checkmat Choke
Pena Bruno Frazatto Atos David Juliano Atos n/a
Leve Roberto Satoshi Bonsai JT Torres Lloyd Irvin Points (5×0)
Medio Victor Estima Gracie Barra Alain Finfou Checkmat Triangle Choke
Meio Pesado Rodrigo Fajardo Gracie Barra Nivaldo Oliveira Checkmat Judges Dec.
Pesado Rodolfo Vieira GFTeam Roberto Tussa Gracie Barra Ezekiel Choke
Sup. Pesado Bernardo Faria Alliance Lucio Lagarto Gracie Barra Points (4×0)
Pesadissimo Alexander Trans Checkmat Thiago Gaia Nova Uniao Choke
Absolute Rodolfo Vieira GFTeam Bernardo Faria Alliance Points (7×0)

Men’s European BJJ Open Black Belt Absolute Division

Stage Winner Loser Result
Semi Final Rodolfo Vieira Lucio Lagarto Submission (Ezekiel)
Semi Final Bernardo Faria Rafael Lovato Jr Points (4×2)
¼ Finals Lucio Lagarto Leonardo Nogueira Submission (Choke)
¼ Finals Rodolfo Vieira Victor Estima Submission (Triangle)
¼ Finals Rafael Lovato Jr Igor Silva Submission (Kimura)
¼ Finals Bernardo Faria Roberto Tussa Submission (Omoplata)

Women’s European BJJ Open Black Belt Finals Results

Weight Winner Team Loser Team Result
Pluma Angelica Ferreira Atos WO
Medio Ida Hansson Checkmat Monica Fonseca 2 Brothers Points
Meio Pesado Michelle Nicolini Checkmat Fernanda Almeida Striker n/a
Absolute Michelle Nicolini Checkmat Ida Hansson Checkmat n/a
2012 European Open Fight Videos (Black Belt)

This will be updated as they start appearing online. So far:

Roberto Satishi vs JT Torres (Final of Leve)

Finfou vs Victor Estima (Middleweight Final)

Rodolfo Vieira vs Roberto Tussa (Final of Pesado)

Bernardo Faria vs Lucio Lagarto (Final of Super Pesado)

Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria (Final of Absolute)

First Rounds Fights

Roberto Satoshi vs Pedro Bessa

Roberto Satoshi vs Michael Langhi

Oli Geddes vs Marcos de Sousa

Bernardo Faria BJJ Foundations

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  • cheeKO says:

    well done to lucio lagarto rodrigues its always an honor and insparation to watch you compete.see you soon.and also congrats to gary(BIG BROCK)clark for winning gold.

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