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Leandro Lo BJJ Heroes PageLeandro Lo Pereira is one of the top Jiu Jitsu competitors in the lightweight division who often ventures successfully in the open weight divisions. A black belt under Cicero Costha, Leandro Lo became an overnight sensation after he defeated Michael Langhi – April 2011 – (who had been unbeaten for 3 years) on his way to the top spot of the World Pro JJ Cup in Abu Dhabi. Since the win in the Middle East, Leandro Lo has cemented himself as one of the best in the business with wins at the World Championships, the prestigious Copa Pódio and Pan American.

Leandro Lo Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento

Nickname: ”Lo” – contrary to common belief, Lo is not a nickname, but rather one of his 3 family names (Brazilians, much like the Portuguese usually have long names).

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos GracieHelio GracieRickson GracieMarcelo BehringWaldomiro PerezRoberto GodoiMarco Barbosa > Cicero Costha > Leandro Lo

Main Achievements:

  • World Champion (2012, 2013)
  • Pan American Champion (2012, 2014)
  • Brazilian National Champion (2009 & 2010 brown, 2011, 2012)
  • Brazilian National No Gi Champion (2012 weight & absolute)
  • Copa Podio GP Champion (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Brazilian National Nogi Champion (2011, 2012 weight & absolute)
  • Rio Open Champion (2011)
  • World Jiu Jitsu Pro Champion (2011, 2013, 2014 – UAEJJ)
  • World League Pro Jiu Jitsu (2010)
  • Brazilian Cup Champion (2008 purple – CBJJE)
  • World Champion (2005 junior blue)
  • World Silver Medallist (2006 junior blue)
  • World No Gi Silver Medallist (2012 absolute)
  • Brazilian National Silver Medallist (2008 purple)

Weight Division: Peso Leve (76kg-167lbs)

Favourite Position/Technique: Spider Guard, Toreada Guard Pass

Association/Team: Cicero Costha

Leandro Lo Pereira Biography

Leandro Lo do Nascimento was born on the 11th of May, 1989 on the east side of São Paulo – Brazil. He started practising Jiu Jitsu through the “Lutando Pelo Bem” project for underprivileged children in 2004, a project led by Cicero Costha.

Leandro was a natural athlete and won many important titles as a junior, such as the Mundial in 2005, medalling again in 2006. In 2007 the world’s biggest organization (CBJJ/IBJJF) shifted its tournament – the Mundial – to the United States seeking world wide recognition. With the change many Brazilian competitors (Leandro included) lost their main tournament as they did not have the means to travel to America. These fighters were left with the considered smaller events such as the World Cup – CBJJE, the World League Pro Jiu Jitsu and the World Pro Cup all of which were won by Leandro Lo.

It was on April 14th of 2011 that Leandro finally turned a few heads his way. After winning the south Brazilian trials at the “Gramado”, Lo went on to defeat two legends in the tournament’s final stage, Celso Vinicius and Michael Langhi. Langhi was widely considered the best lightweight in the world, and hadn’t lost a competition in 3 years. In 2012 Leandro Lo became widely recognized as the best lightweight BJJ competitor in the world, after wins at the Mundial (World Championship) the Pan American and the Brazilian Nationals. Leandro also established himself as force to be reckoned with in the open weight divisions with a win at the Brazilian No Gi Nationals and a second place at the No Gi World Championship.

Leandro Lo Grappling Record/BJJ Competition Record

Record of Leandro Lo’s competitive record in the main competitions of the jiu jitsu calendar.

Zak MaxwellWPts: 6x0World Pro CupU74kgN/A2011
Michael LanghiWPts: 4x0World Pro CupU74kgSemi2011
Celso ViniciusWAdv: 4x1World Pro CupU74kgFinal2011
JT TorresWPointsBrasileiroLeve¼ Final2011
Augusto MendesWPointsBrasileiroLeveSemi2011
Michael LanghiWAdvantageBrasileiroLeveFinal2011
Marcio CruzLArmbarBrasileiroAbsoluteRound 22011
Tatsuya KanekoWArmbar f/ mountWorld Champ.LeveRound 12011
UnknownWPointsWorld Champ.LeveRound 22011
Kron GracieLChokeWorld Champ.Leve¼ Final2011
Adriano SilvaWPoints2º Open COPAbsoluteFinal2011
Vinicius MarinhoWPts: 10x2RioOpenLeveFinal2011
R. EvangelistaLPts: 4x2RioOpenAbsoluteFinal2011
Evandro NunesWChoke f/ mountCopa SertãoLeveFinal2011
Claudevam MartinsWPts: 45x0Amazon MeetingLeven/a2011
Antônio CarlosWBow & arrowAmazon MeetingLeveFinal2011
Rodrigo MartinsWChoke f/ backInt. de Jiu-JitsuAbsolute¼ Final2011
IvanWPts: 13x0Int. de Jiu-JitsuAbsoluteSemi2011
Eduardo SilvaWLapel chokeInt. de Jiu-JitsuAbsoluteFinal2011
Eduardo LustosaWArmbarPanAm CBJJELeveFinal2011
Thiago MarquesWArmbarPanAm CBJJEAbsolute-2011
Claudio DanielWRef DecisionPanAm CBJJEAbsolute-2011
Fabiano “Boi”WAdv: 5x1PanAm CBJJEAbsolute-2011
Abraão AmorimWPts: 12x0PanAm CBJJEAbsolute2011
R. EvangelistaWBow & arrowPanAm CBJJEAbsolute¼ Final2011
BuchechaLPt 6x6, Ad 2x4PanAm CBJJELeveSemi2011
Theodoro CanalWPts: 8x0Brasileiro NogiLeveFinal2011
Abraão AmorimWBow & arrowMundial CBJJELeveSemi2011
Bruno AmorimWPts: 17x0Mundial CBJJELeveFinal2011
Helio MourãoWChokeMundial CBJJEAbsolute¼ Finals2011
Robert FonsecaWPts: 12x0Mundial CBJJEAbsoluteSemi2011
Nivaldo OliveiraLPt 2x2, Ad 0x1Mundial CBJJELeveFinal2011
Moacir MendesWPts: 2x0Copa PodioLeveRd 12011
JT TorresDPts: 2x2Copa PodioLeveRd 22011
Ed RamosWPts: 7x0Copa PodioLeveRd 32011
Denilson PimentaWPts:12x0Copa PodioLeve¼ Final2011
Vinicius MarinhoWPts: 5x2Copa PodioLeveSemi2011
Claudio MattosWBow & arrowCopa PodioLeveFinal2011
Victor SchlosserWPts: 6x6, Adv.Pan AmericanAbsoluteRd 12012
Cara de SapatoLFlying TrianglePan AmericanAbsoluteRd 22012
Italo LinsWN/APan AmericanLeveRd 12012
Zak MaxwellWPts: 13x2Pan AmericanLeve¼ Finals2012
Della MonicaWPts: 16x0Pan AmericanLeveSemi2012
Lucas LepriWPts: 2x0Pan AmericanLeve2012
Antonio FariasWPointsWorld Pro CupU76kg¼ Finals2012
Lucas LepriLPointsWorld Pro CupU76kgSemi2012
UnknownWSubmissionBrasileiroAbsoluteRd 12012
Antonio PeinadoLRef DecisionBrasileiroAbsoluteRd 22012
Michael LanghiWPts: 2x0BrasileiroLeveFinal2012
Alexandre CeconiWPt 0×0, Ad 1×0World Champ.AbsoluteRd 12012
Cara de SapatoLPt 2×2, Ad 1×0World Champ.AbsoluteRd 22012
Alessandro FerreiraWPts: 23×0World Champ.LeveRd 12012
Theodoro CanalWPointsWorld Champ.LeveRd 22012
Rodrigo CaporalWPts: 21x0World Champ.Leve¼ Finals2012
Roberto SatoshiWPts: 7x2World Champ.LeveSemi2012
Lucas LepriWPts: 2x0World Champ.LeveFinal2012
Dimitrius SouzaWPts: 2x0Copa PodioMédioGroups2012
Rafael FormigaWPt 0x0, Ad 3x0Copa PodioMédioGroups2012
Felipe PenaDPts: 2x2Copa PodioMédioGroups2012
Otavio SousaDPts: 2x2Copa PodioMédioGroups2012
Ricardo BastosWPts: 8x2Copa PodioMédioSemi2012
Dimitrius SouzaWPts: 7x0Copa PodioMédioFinal2012
Osmar FontesWCross chokeBest Fighters 7AbsoluteRd12012
T. GoiabeiraWBow & arrowBest Fighters 7Absolute¼ Final2012
Cássio JacaréWArmbarBest Fighters 7AbsoluteSemi2012
Daniel TanqueWPts: 13x2Best Fighters 7AbsoluteFinal2012
Kim TerraWPts: 19x0Brasileiro No GiLeveFinal2012
Rafael CostaWPointsBrasileiro No GiAbsoute¼ Final*2012
Mauro CelsoWPts: 12x2Brasileiro No GiAbsouteFinal2012
Raymond AyalaWPts: 45x0World No GiAbsoute¼ Final2012
TanquinhoLPts: 4x0World No GiLeveSemi2012
Diego HerzogWPointsWorld No GiLeveRd 12012
DJ JacksonWPt 0x0, Ad 2x1World No GiLeve¼ Final2012
Antonio PeinadoWPt 0x0, Ad 1x0World No GiLeveSemi2012
Xande RibeiroLPt 0x0, Ad 0x1World No GiLeveFinal2012
Lucas LepriWAdvantages 3x2IBJJF Pro LeagueLeveFinal2012
Bernardo FilhoWChoke f/ mountPan AmericanAbsoluteRd 12013
Orlando SanchezLJudge DecisionPan AmericanAbsoluteRd 22013
Sean RobertsWChoke f/ mountPan AmericanMedioRd 12013
Vitor HenriqueLPointsPan AmericanMedioRd 22013
Roberto SatoshiWPointsWorld Pro CupU76kgSemi2013
Lucas LepriWPt 0x0, Ad 1x0World Pro CupU76kgRd 22013
Diego BorgesWPt 0x0, Ad 1x0Copa PodioLeveGroups2013
Brandon MaganaWPts: 18x0Copa PodioLeveGroups2013
Clark GracieWPts: 13x0Copa PodioLeveGroups2013
Juan Caio KamezawaWPts: 5x0Copa PodioLeveGroups2013
DJ JacksonWPts: 6x2Copa PodioLeveSemi2013
Diego BorgesWPt 0x0, Ad 1x0Copa PodioLeveFinal2013
Luis RosaWn/aWorld Champ.AbsoluteRd 22013
Orlando SanchezWPts: 6x0World Champ.AbsoluteRd 32013
Bernardo FariaLPointsWorld Champ.Absolute¼ Final2013
Rafael RosendoWPointsWorld Champ.LeveRd 12013
Vinicius MarinhoWPts: 6x2World Champ.Leve¼ Final2013
Lucas LepriWAdvantages 1x0World Champ.LeveSemi2013
Michael LanghiWPts: 2x0World Champ.LeveFinal2013
Alex de SouzaWPts: 4x0Copa PodioPesadoGroup2014
Faisal AlkitbeWPt 0x0, Ad 1x0Copa PodioPesadoGroup2014
Alex de SouzaWChokeCopa PodioPesadoGroup2014
Rodolfo VieiraWDrawCopa PodioPesadoGroup2014
Luiz PanzaWPts: 6x4Copa PodioPesadoSemi2014
Rodolfo VieiraLChokeCopa PodioPesadoFinal2014
John RobertsWCross chokePan AmericanAbsoluteRd 22014
Fabiano “Boi”WPointsPan AmericanAbsoluteRd 32014
Victor EstimaWPointsPan AmericanAbsolute¼ Final2014
Alex TransWPointsPan AmericanAbsoluteSemi2014
Andre GalvaoLAdvantages 1x0Pan AmericanAbsoluteFinal2014
Julian MarquezWDQPan AmericanMedioRd 12014
Charles SantosWPoints: 4x0Pan AmericanMedio¼ Final2014
Victor EstimaWPoints: 5x0Pan AmericanMedioSemi2014
Otavio SousaWAdvantages 5x2Pan AmericanMedioFinal2014

Met team mate in previous round and advanced on gentlemen’s agreement.

Leandro Lo vs Claudevam Martins

Leandro Lo vs Davi Ramos (Atos)

Leandro Lo vs Zak Maxwell (Gracie Humaita)

Leandro Lo vs Michael Langhi (Alliance)

Leandro Lo vs Celso Vinicius (Ryan Gracie)

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