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Pan American BJJ Results 2011

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Another year and another fantastic edition in of the BJJ

Rodolfo Vieira

Pan Ams! 2011 Jiu Jitsu Pan American Games was truly fantastic on all belts and weight divisions, but as expected it was the black belt divisions that brought the crowd to a roar. With a rumoured total of 2800 competitors, the tournament had its fare share of magical moments and fantastic matches. Some of the highlights in the male adult divisions were Carlos Holanda Vieira’s failed his guard pull attempt that ended in a mount by his opponent (Daniel Beleza). The move was disastrous for the Checkmat stand out who was one of the favourites to win the division. Also in the Plumas the flying armbar Malfacine pulled on “Megaton” within seconds of the fight was tremendous, but maybe the energy felt on the venue at the last minute of the “Durinho” vs Lucas Leite fight in the middleweights stole the show. But from all that, what will stay in the books will be the final results, and here are those:

Men’s division:

Felipe Costa (Brasa) vs Rafael Freitas (Gracie Barra)
Leading up to the final: Felipe Costa went through very narrowly after a judges decision gave him the victory. Rafael defeated Joseph Caprizzi.

The final: “Barata” Freitas started winning 2 points for the takedown and Felipe tried a quick omoplata (immediately canceled by Freitas). The fight slowed down after that heated beginning and in the end the score was tied at 4×4. the decision went to the referee who gave the victory to Rafael Freitas.

Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) vs Caio Terra (Gracie Fighter)
Leading up to the final: Bruno looked very impressive, imposing his fast and never stopping game. He submitted the legendary Wellington Dias (Megaton) with a quick flying armbar and another opponent with a wristlock. Caio looked just as impressive on his way to the final.

The final: very energetic start to the fight, Caio tried the armbar and got an advantage for it, but the fight soon died down with both fighters playing a more tactical game. In the end Caio got the win by one sweep. When interviewed by the media, Caio Terra asked for CBJJ to start testing for steroids hinting that some of his opponents were using the substance.

Rafael Mendes (Atos) vs Bruno Frazatto (Atos)
Leading to the final: Atos over populated the featherweight category with a lot of talent. The Mendes brothers, Frazatto and Eduardo Ramos all closed the final 4 spots like they had at the Europeans. But the man that stood out from the camp was the youngest and most recent black belt, Eduardo Ramos, who defeated one of the tournaments favourites Ryan Hall with the score of 12×8. He ended giving his place to his senior team mates who closed the final spot.

The final: No fight, two team mates closed the brackets though Frazatto recorded the win.

Michael Langhi (Alliance) vs Lucas Lepri (Alliance)
Leading to the final: Well, well, well who would have thought these two would meet at the final of lightweight division? Probably anyone that has been paying attention to BJJ for the last 3 years. The Alliance fantastic 2 did it again, Langhi managed to submit a few of his opponents, including JT Torres. Lepri also had some tough opponents such as Zak Maxwell and “Tanquinho”.

In the final: another gentleman’s agreement by two team mates. Lucas Lepri registered the win.

Claudio Calasans (Atos) vs Lucas Leite (Checkmat)
Leading to the final: Calasans showed once again what he is all about, pushing for the finish in all his fights apart from the semi final, against the only Gracie in the black belt competition (clark). Calasans won that fight after an omoplata sweep (2×0). Lucas Leite had a tremendous fight in the semi finals against “Durinho” Burns, specially the final moments as Burns tried desperately to catch up on the scoring board while Leite just tried to hold on to the advantage.

The final: Quick finish my Calasans! Mão de Vaca (Wrist lock) from closed guard.

André Galvão (Atos) vs Eduardo Santoro (Cia Paulista)
On the way to the final: The veteran Eduardo Santoro “Portuguese” had a true war of attrition against Otavio Souza, a fight he won by one advantage and a fight in which he proved he can also fight from the top position he had previously defeated Rickson Gracie black belt, Kevin Casey. Galvão had a smoothest rise to the top submitting everyone on the way there.

The final: Galvao pulls guard to nullify Portuguese’s strong closed guard game. he sweeps Santoro finishing the sweep in a good passing position and almost passes, though he ends up in half guard. Santoro attacked desperately from the bottom trying to get back in the game setting up several submissions such as omoplata, toe holds and triangle attacks but he could not finish and Galvao ends winning the match by 2×0.

Rodolfo Vieira (GF Team) vs Bernardo Faria (Alliance)
Running up to the final: Rodolfo had a tough fight against Leo Nogueira, winning by 4 advantages and then went on to submit Hertzog. Bernardo Faria looked tremendous as well, implementing his gameplan in the semi final getting the sweep, then taking the back mount and ending submitting Roberto “Tussa” with an armbar.

In the final: One of Rodolfo Vieira’s toughest tests to this date, and he passed it with an A+. Completely nullifying Faria’s powerful half guard game with his own powerful top game. Vieira won with an stretchy 8×0.

Marcos Almeida (Checkmat) vs Bruno Bastos (Nova União)
Runing up to the final: “Buchecha” was amazing at the Pan American in his weight division. He was very dynamic and submitted several fighters on his way to the top. Bruno Bastos was more conservative and put on display all his experience.

The final: Buchecha pulls guard and has he tried to go for Bastos’s back he ended on the wrong end of a tow hold. He rolled out of the mat trying to avoid the submission. When back on the centre of the mat Marcos pulled guard and swept Bruno from there he passed Bruno’s guard, mounted and finished the fight with a cross choke from the mont.

Antonio Peinado (Alliance) vs Braga Neto (AB MMA)
Running up to the final: A remake of last year’s semi finals, the TUF grappling coach Antonio Peinado made his way to the final after defeating BJJ veteran Gabriel Vella, while on the other side Braga Neto run over the humongous “Big Mac”.

The final: After a few minutes of stalling from the stand up positions with neither fighter engaging, Braga Neto tried to pull a flying armbar, ending in his guard. He swept “Batista” Peinado from the De La Riva a sweep that won him the fight by 2×0.

Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria
Leading to the final: Rodolfo tore up the open weight division finishing everyone on his way to the final. Bernardo was more conservative in his style but maintained his consistency, displaying the good BJJ that also got him to the European final.

The final: Rodolfo takes the win after grinding Faria’s face on the mat for 10 minutes and accumulating several advantages in the process and a guard pass. The last 30 seconds were very intense with Bernardo Faria screaming in the middle of the mat out of frustration and running after Rodolfo like a mad man trying to take him down.

Women’s division:

Michelle Nicolini (Checkmat) vs Fabiana Borges (Gracie Barra)
Running up to the final: Both Nicolini and Borges had a tremendous tournament finishing all their fights and finishing them quickly.

In the final: Fabiana got the two points in the beginning, but ended in Michelle’s dangerous guard. Nicolini swept Fabiana only to be taken down again in a scramble going again to the closed guard of Nicolini, that proved to be a mistake as Michelle made use of her fantastic triangle and snapped the victory by armbar from that position. Nicollini finished every fight in this tournament with the same armbar.

Angelica Vieira (Atos) vs Gezary Matuda (ATT)
The final: Amazing fight, alot of movement from the start. The brown belt from American Top Tea was excellent and submitted the more experienced Angelica in 4 minutes. Very entertaining fight!

Beatriz Mesquita (Gracie Humaita) vs Ana Carolina Lebre (Gracie Humaita)
The final: No fight, same team competitors closed the bracket.

Hannette Staack (Brazil 21) vs Luanna Alzuguir (Alliance)
Leading up to the final: Hannette Staack was on a roll, she run over Hillary Williams (who reportedly had knee injuries) submitting her after a score of 18×0.

The final: The most anticipated fight in the women’s division started with Luanna pulling guard and attempting a cross choke from the closed guard. Luanna takes gold by one advantage for an attempt of submission.

Gabrielle Garcia vs Tammy Griego (Gracie Barra)
Gabrielle was the heavy favorite but it was Tammy that opened the score with a takedown. Though Gabi immediately reversed the BJJ rules stipulate that the person that finished the takedown first gets the 2 points (not the one that lands on top at the end), so Tammy started up by two. Gabi immediately started putting pressure, almost getting a clock choke that looked very tight. Tammy escaped and Gabrielle pulled guard because she could not decipher the riddle that was Tammy’s on 4 position. After several attempts and being behind in the score boards for 8 minutes, Gabri swept Tammy and won on advangates (2×2 on points).

Gabrielle Garcia (Alliance) vs Luanna Alzuguir (Alliance)
The final: No fight, two fighters from the same team.

Team Results:
1- BJJ Revolution Team – 41 pts
2- Nova União – 40 pts
3- Gracie Humaitá – 23 pts

1- Pitbull BJJ – 22 pts
2- Godoi JJ – 18 pts
3- Carlson Gracie Team – 16 pts

1- Alliance – 72 pts
2- Lloyd Irvin M.A. – 45 pts
3- Atos JJ – 42 pts

Master and Senior:
1- Gracie Barra – 156 pts
2- Gracie Humaitá – 114 pts
3- Alliance – 72 pts

1- Alliance – 46 pts
2- Gracie Humaitá – 27 pts
3- Lloyd Irvin M.A. – 25 pts

Roberto Jimenez BJJ Attacking The Back


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