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Top BJJ Fighters Today, Feb 2015 Rankings

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Following up on previous rankings, we present to you the BJJ Heroes February 2015 Brazilian jiu jitsu rankings. A few new faces and some that were part of the ranking once before but had been away for some time.

Below is an explanation of how the scoring of the ranking works, we base our rankings on the last competition results, forr example: we refreshed the European results of 2014 by replacing them with the ones of 2015 (last January), the same updates will happen to the other competitions we take into account, as the jiu jitsu calendar progresses.

Who is the Best in Jiu Jitsu Today?

This list gathers data from the top competitions on Brazilian the Jiu Jitsu calendar and adds up all the medallists to create an unbiased list of the top BJJ competitors out there today. The BJJ Heroes ranking collects information from the following competitions:

Points European Pan Am Brasileiro WPJJC Mundial ADCC
Gold 3 4 4 4 6 5
Silver 2 3 3 3 4 3
Bronze 1 1 1 1 1 1

The points are updated as the competitions go along for an up to date list, so expect to see some changes next time you come to this page. The current listings are as follows:

Galo/Rooster: 57kg/126lbs

Although Malfacine is the reigning world champion, the consistency of Rodrigues, who won the Brazilian Nationals and the Pan American Championship keeps the Checkmat roosterweight at the top of the rankings.

Competitor Points
1. João Rodrigues 7
2. Bruno Malfacine 6
2. Ivaniel Oliveira 6
3. Milton Bastos 3
3. Caio Terra 3

Pluma/Light Feather: 64kg/141lbs

Hard to place the Miyao brothers in a weight category as both shift divisions often, but whichever way they go, they are always at the top of jiu jitsu’s lighter men due to their consistency in the sport. At light feather they are closely followed by world champion Gui Mendes.

Competitor Points
1. Joao Myiao 15
2. Paulo Miyao 14
3. Guilherme Mendes 6

Pena/Feather: 70kg/154lbs

Not hard to imagine why Rafa Mendes is at the top of the featherweights. A true juggernaut in the division, Mendes is closely followed by Cobrinha as he has been for the last few years.

Competitor Points
1. Rafael Mendes 13
2. Rubens Charles 11
3. Mario Reis 5
3. Gianni Grippo 5

Leve/Lightweight: 76kg/167lbs

One of the most oscillating divisions in jiu jitsu, Lepri has been able to maintain his balance at the top of the category, leading with a comfortable margin over his closest competitors.

Competitor Points
1. Lucas Lepri 17
2. JT Torres 9
3. Michael Langhi 8

Medio/Middle: 82kg/181lbs

Since the shift to middleweight, Leandro Lo has led the middleweights with apparent ease, being undefeated as an 181 pounder.

Competitor Points
1. Leandro Lo 15
2. Otavio Sousa 10
3. Kron Gracie 5

Meio Pesado/Medium Heavy: 88kg/194lbs

Andre Galvao shows no signs of slowing down, on the contrary. The Atos team leader looked as sharp as ever at the European Open and seems set for another great year as a Meio Pesado.

Competitor Points
1. Andre Galvao 21
2. Romulo Barral 13
3. Keenan Cornelius 6
3. Renato Cardoso 6

Pesado/Heavy 94kg/207lbs

Felipe Pena has not competed yet this year but his results last year are enough to keep a safe distance against all opposition at the heavyweight division.

Competitor Points
1. Felipe Pena 14
2. Yuri Simoes 5
2. Demetrius Sousa 5
3. Alexandre Ribeiro 4

Super Pesado/Super Heavy: 100kg/221lbs

Much like Leandro Lo, ever since moving up in weight, Rodolfo has dominated with ease. The world champion should be back in a few weeks after an injury set him back and is expected to make this year’s début at the Pan American Championships.

Competitor Points
1. Rodolfo Vieira 13
2. Bernardo Faria 7
3. Igor Silva 6

Pesadíssimo/Ultra Heavy: over 100kg/221lbs

Not a lot of people can match Marcus Almeida in this division, the current absolute world champion is closely followed by his peers, though none seems too close to dethrone the world’s best grappler of 2013 and 2014.

Competitor Points
1. Marcus Buchecha 14
2. Alexander Trans 7
3. Ricardo Evangelista 7
3. Roberto Abreu 6

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