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PLEASE NOTE: This article belongs to January 2015, for updated results please check out our rankings page.

Who is the Best BJJ Fighter in the World?

This list gathers data from the top competitions on Brazilian the Jiu Jitsu calendar and adds up all the medallists to create an unbiased list of the top BJJ competitors out there today. The BJJ Heroes ranking collects information from the following competitions:

Points European Pan Am Brasileiro WPJJC Mundial ADCC
Gold 3 4 4 4 6 5
Silver 2 3 3 3 4 3
Bronze 1 1 1 1 1 1

The points are updated as the competitions go along for an up to date list, so expect to see some changes next time you come to this page. The current listings are as follows:

BJJ Galo (57kg/126lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Bruno Malfacine 6
1. João Rodrigues 6
1. Ivaniel Oliveira 6
2. Milton Bastos 3
3. Caio Terra 3
3. Koji Shibamoto 3
3. Leandro Escobar 3


BJJ Pluma (64kg/141lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Joao Myiao 14
2. Guilherme Mendes 6
3. José Tiago Barros 6
3. Thiago Marques 3


BJJ Pena (70kg/154lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Rafael Mendes 16
2. Paulo Miyao 13
3. Rubens Cobrinha 11


BJJ Leve (76kg/167lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Lucas Lepri 17
2. Michael Langhi 8
2. JT Torres 8
3. Claudio Mattos 4


BJJ Medio (82kg/181lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Leandro Lo 15
2. Otavio Sousa 10
3. Kron Gracie 5


BJJ Meio Pesado (88kg/194lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Andre Galvao 15
2. Felipe Pena 14
3. Romulo Barral 11


BJJ Pesado (94kg/207lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Yuri Simoes 9
2. Demetrius Sousa 5
3. Jackson Sousa 4
3. Alexandre Ribeiro 4

BJJ Super Pesado (100kg/221lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Rodolfo Vieira 13
2. Lovato Junior 7
2. Bernardo Faria 7
3. Luiz Panza 5


BJJ Pesadíssimo (over 100kg/221lbs):

Competitor Points
1. Marcus Buchecha 14
2. Alexander Trans 10
3. Cyborg Abreu 6
3. Rodrigo Cavaca 6
3. Ricardo Evangelista 6


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  • A says:

    May I ask why you put Langhi and not Lucas lepri? He had one bad tournament at worlds and got 3rd but even so that was while being very I'll during the competition. I thank you for your time making this list but I honestly believe Lucas should be here.

  • admin says:

    Hi A,

    Lepri had two tournament losses in a row (Brazilian Nationals and Mundials), he was actually on the previous list but not on this one. This list is updated as tournaments go by, he is a top 5 lightweight in the World, but his recent losses took him away from the top p4p as all the guys here are at the top of their game at the moment, I am sure he will be back to the list very shortly.

    Hope that answers your question, anything else let me know here or drop me an email.


  • RoxaBoy says:

    where is Celsinho Vinicius, Samuel Braga?!?!?!?!

  • admin says:

    Roxa, this is a list based on the latest results, competition and performance… Celsinho lost in the final of the Mundial to Langhi (who is on the list), Braga's division (Pluma) hasn't been as stacked as the other divisions he also didn't qualify in the Europeans or Pan Americans…

  • Phoenixx says:

    Where is Rodrigo Cavaca? He was the ONLY person at the Mundials to win all of his fights in his weight by sub, won the Euros, Brasileiros as well.

  • admin says:

    Hi Phoenixx, you are correct, Cavaca is a very strong candidate to the top 10. Maybe he will be on the next list, he is definitely out there with any of these guys.

  • Robinho says:

    Tarsis Humphreys (Alliance) should be on here instead of Romulo who lost to Tarsis in his division finals at the mundials and Braulio should not be on this list either. As for Rafa… he turned down a 10k purse no time limit fight against Cobrinha because it was not enough money for him (and this coming from a so-called Evangelic man of God… lol) so he might be number 2 on this list because of competition wins but character wise he would not make the top 10 for sure.

  • admin says:

    You are probably right Robinho, Romulo did lose to Tarsis, although by crazy knee injury, Romulo still made it to 3 finals in the 2 biggest competitions out there (World Pro Cup and Mundial – weight and absoluto), Romulo gets up there in everything he competes in, just been very unfortunate with his injuries. Tarsis needs another big win to be part of the top 10 IMO. Braulio is another example, he looked very good in the only tournament he competed in this year (World Pro Cup) and is still a big player in any division. Everybody here has their favourites, I also have mine but I try to keep it unbiased.

    Tarsis and Cavaca could/should probably make it to the list. I will have to re-think this, or maybe make a top 20 instead.

    As for Rafael I am not a religious person, I don’t judge :D, but I don't see how religion has anything to do with the issue, Rafael hasn't done a vow of poverty as much as I know…

  • Lana Stefanac says:

    Wow, I can't wait until women compete in BJJ and are included in stuff like this. They may even get black belts one day too. -Lana Stefanac

  • admin says:

    Lana, as much as I like Jiu Jitsu, the women's divisions are just not deep enough in tallent to do a top 10, in my opinion of course. The only real competitive division is the lightweights. I think that is obvious when you have brown belts challenging for almost every title.

    Don't mean any disrespect to women's Jiu Jitsu, I am a fan and enjoy watching it as much as the men's one. But more women need to get involved.

    All the best


  • Tony says:

    I agree with Robinho about the Rafa turning down the match for a bigger purse. Christians don't pick verses in the Bible that suits them. True Christians follow all words of our Lord and here's what the Bible says about wanting more money:

    People who want to get rich fall into temptation and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves into many griefs. – 1 Timothy 6:9-10

  • admin says:

    Guys, Who are we to judge?! do we not enjoy money? Didn't jesus say "let he who never sined cast the first stone" (or something along those lines). Like I said, I am not a religious man, but the only people that can have a formed opinion about Rafael's faith is himself and those close to him.

    This website was not built to slag the people that build this sport. I am sure everyone has opinions about this fight, but questioning someone's faith on account of it is just wrong. I would also like to say that I would not allow any more comments questioning the man's beliefs

  • ATOSPH says:

    he didnt accept the purse coz he won 3 times on (adcc, abu dhabi, mundials) cobrinha already. that means hes the hottest grappler right now. the hottest grappler before was cobrinha- so he had the most seminars around the world, travelling and earning money at the same time. now it rafa's time, let him enjoy the win and the seminars, maybe next year he'll accept the challenge.

    BUT im not yet completely sold on rafa being number 2. he beat cobrinha using 50/50, try beating cobrinha in a fast paced open guard game like bruno does.. now that would be a good fight!

    romulo barral is still number 2 in my book. who can beat roger come on? tarsis just got lucky with the injury.

  • Jay says:

    Where Pablo Popovitch?

  • Marlon Rando says:


    It's tough to make a top 10 list of any sort, so I understand and have enjoyed reading through the website. Thanks for putting it up 🙂

  • Tita says:

    Leo vieira???

  • Jason cronjager says:

    Where is antonio braga neto

  • Tom says:

    I'd be interested in seeing a similar list for no-gi. I think Roger and Marcelo would still be on top, but you'd also see Popovitch I would think and maybe a few other names would be different as well.

  • stewart says:

    wheres jacare????

  • Bjjpurplecolca says:

    Cyborg? The only times if seen him lose was to romulo, estima and pezao.

  • D says:

    What about Augusto Tanquinho Mendes?

  • Romeo says:

    D, Augusto's wins are mostly in South American tournaments. When this list was posted Augusto had very few IBJJF/ADCC medal round appearances, in the grand slam events. If you put Augusto on this list you have to put JT Torres on it by default as JT usually enters the medal rounds by beating Augusto in the quarterfinals. Everyone on this list is a world champion many of them multiple times. Neither of them(JT or Augusto) have world titles, therefore neither deserves to be on this list.

  • silverback says:

    these lists are utterly stupid; in fact, sport jiu jitsu has to some people ruined the art. winning on a vantage point, by gaining half guard, as Carlson Gracie once told me, is simply not winning. It's a farce. unless a severe and absolute domination occurs, absent a submission, the point system has made jiu jitsu a game, and one at a great distance from its originary spirit. who cares. Carlson Gracie and his lineage remains the most efficient, effective and elegant jiu jitsu. i don't care who wins your petty tournaments as it is just a bunch of rich spoiled trust funders who sit around all day training lifting weights and drinking man milk. blow. the best guys cannot even afford to compete, let alone sit around all day training. get rid of the lists and allow jiu jitsu to return to its spiritual source, not this naivete.

    • Steve Larsen says:

      This is the greatest thing I have ever heard allegedly quoted from a bjj great. I don't mean allegedly in too much of a negative way but how do I know if Carlson Gracie really said that to you? I seriously love it if he said it.

      This is how I feel about bjj. And I feel if you feel this way about it you are one of those people accused of having an ego, of rolling too hard, of being too stubborn.

      I don't train or roll, or ever so rarely compete, to win by an advantage. I want to win or lose. I don't thrash around, I don't let my limbs snap, I know when I'm caught and I will willingly tap for the loss. But I hate it. I think about every roll and what happened with who until I go back. And then I think about those rolls. It's just who I am.

      I think almost everyone who trains in bjj has at least a sliver of an ego, excluding those who are taking it for purely, purely self-defense reasons like a timid teenager or woman. But if you are even a hobbyist that once a week tries to go out and submit somebody else in training, you want to show dominance, you have to have an ego. Plus, why even have different colored belts at all if we have no ego? It shouldn't matter who rolls with who or what happens in the roll or match.

      I don't know, for me bjj is more about being hmmm, a self-defendable human? For me bjj is about a fight and survival, like, damn if this was real life that guy would have just ended my life, or destroyed my shoulder. It bothers me that that could've happened. So I want to win. Not because someone pulled guard and I stepped into it.

    • Steve Larsen says:

      I forgot to mention, I am a purple under a Marcelo Garcia affiliate but began in 2007 under Adriano Nasal of BTT, Carlson Gracie lineage. And then when I go to Maui in the summers, my favorite spot to train at is Carlson Gracie JJ under Christian Grandi in Lahaina. I loves me some Carlson and what he represented.

  • mike says:

    Nice list, however it can be argued that Nicolini is the best bjj fighter in the world right now. Always goes for the finish

  • Big Al says:

    Robert Drysdale?

  • guest says:


  • jay says:


  • soul man jitsu says:

    What about Lagarto, his recent successes have made him a man to reckon with,

  • craigslist says:

    Just a thought – maybe to add a notable mention list at the bottom. There is always going to be debate on the list.
    Braga Neto has had a great year as well at just 23.

  • Ray Navarro says:

    My professor Daniel "Montanha" De Lima is a 4th degree black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. I have never seen him lose a match and he is the current ultra heavy weight masters champion. He used to spar with Roger when Roger was a blue and he was a purple! wheres his interview? Got to give gracie barra Miami some love. Contact Gracie Barra Miami Group to learn more about the man. you wont be disappointed

  • jenbjj says:

    How are Rafa and Rodolfo above Marcelo Garcia? If he's #4 of all time, and still actively competing (and winning), how does he fall below the other guys who don't make the top 10 of all time list?

  • azzani says:

    Braulio Estima, current ADCC champ, sub most of the guys on the list

  • LAZIO says:


  • jow says:

    you are crazy, where the Gilbert Durinho ???
    Michael langhi ??

  • has this been updated since ADCC….or does that not affect this due to the fact that it is a no-gi tournament? I think you have to look at moving Galvao up due to his successes at the ADCC and the Ult Absolute NY, don't you think? I think Rafa, Marcelo and Roger are all top four and I think Galvao should round out that list. Rodolfo just isn't in their league yet. But he will be…….soon 🙂

  • lazio says:


  • Phil Walker says:

    Well I’m very surprised not to see Braulio Estima. I would consider a broken neck quite an injury to come back from and then beat Jacarre in the ADCC.

  • LAZIO says:


  • Guest says:

    Caio terra aka the Giant killer should be on this. Ur number 5 guy got beat by Caio Terra.

    • bjjheroes says:

      Wow, alot of Caio Terra fans here… Caio Terra won against Malfacine, but check the record Guest. Malfacine also won against Caio. I think the score is 4×2 at the moment (4 Malfacine x 2 Caio Terra).

      Caio is an amazing fighter though, there is only room for 10, he is at the top of the food chain for sure.

  • Stu says:

    Caio Terra?

  • Steve Larsen says:

    Funny how much has changed with these rankings and how much actually hasn't. These top ten lists always create so much debate, it's awesome.

    Can we agree that Atos is the best team? I am not basing these on total titles but more on titles per competitor. GB is too huge imo. I'd have to go with Atos and then Alliance.

    Best bjj fighter in the world comes down to two people, Roger and Marcelo. Ha ha, now I want to add Galvao, Saulo, Xande. Lana Stefanac.

    I like the point value assigned, I like stats and analysis. Sort of like the BCS but without the human judgment. If you haven't done a recent one you should for the current rankings.

  • berimbolo says:

    Joao Gabriel Rocha is from Soul Fighters. Now you have Checkmat as his team.

  • How about a list of the best female bjj fighters in the world?

  • BJJNewbie says:

    Yeah how about Kron?

  • Hi BJJ heroes i saw my points in the ranking i already won mundials european and brazilian in Black belt also i got second and 3rd places at pan ams .
    Tarsis Humphreys

  • I Also own my weight and open class at wpjjc and i have 3rd place at ADCC .
    Tarsis Humphreys

  • Hi, where are the woman lists? is oit possible you post some information of it?

  • Paul Hardie says:

    Where’s Gordon Ryan

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