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BJJ Worlds 2013 Results

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The most exciting event in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu did not disappoint. Held in Long Beach, California on the 1st and 2nd of June, 2013 the World Jiu Jitsu Championship had submissions for all tastes and from all positions. With no big surprises the men’s absolute division was dominated by Marcus Buchecha and Rodolfo Vieira who cruised their superior BJJ on to the final of the tournament. The fastest submission of the tournament in the black belts was James Puopolo who put on an amazing leg lock on Ronaldo Carlos in an lightening quick 7 seconds.

The tournament also had some new faces such as training partners and good friends Abraham Messina from Costa Rica and Joao Gabriel Rocha, two men that were recently promoted to black belt but are already creating some waves in their respective weight categories and absolute division.

2013 was also the year of the comebacks, with former champions like Gabrielzinho Moraes and Braulio Estima making their return to the podium stand after long absences.

World Jiu Jitsu Championship Full Results

Check here the latest results of the world BJJ championship, to navigate to the desired round of the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu Championship Here:

Meet the champions below:

Caio Terra (Rooster Weight/Peso Galo):

Caio Terra is regarded as one of the most technical fighters in the sport, a rooster weight who regularly tries his luck (successful) in the absolute division of smaller tournaments. Caio’s rivalry with the other finalist Bruno Malfacine is historical and has been around since the start of their BJJ careers. Malfacine used to take the upper hand but 2013 seems to be Caio Terra’s year with two wins, one at the Pan American and now the Mundial.

Gabriel Moraes (Super Feather Weight/Peso Pluma):

Controversy aside regarding the final, and although the commentators of the IBJJF broadcast did not seem to know who Gabrielzinho was (?!), Gabriel Moraes is one of the most decorated rooster weights in the world, being also the only competitor to date to have won the Jiu Jitsu Mundial consecutively as a blue belt (2003) and as a black belt (2004). This time as a Super Feather, the man from Checkmat managed to impose his game once again and won again the top tournament in the world, 9 years after his last gold medal, which is most likely another record for the Manaus prodigy.

Augusto Mendes (Feather Weight/ Peso Pena):

Many thought Mendes would win the tournament this year, but most would’ve guessed a different Mendes (Rafael), instead, “Tanquinho” surprised everyone with an amazing achievement of defeating the two previous champions in one day. Augusto Mendes had a serious injury one year ago, which took the Soul Fighters athlete away from competition, but he came back stronger then ever to this years world tournament.

Leandro Lo (Light Weight/Peso Leve):

The sport’s top man at lightweight has had a tremendous career in the last 3 years and seems to keep growing ever more confident. His offensive style has gathered him many fans, but his consistency is key to his current status as the top lightweight competitor in the world.

Otavio Sousa (Middle Weight/ Peso Medio):

This has been a great year for Ze Radiola‘s students, Almeida and Braulio and Victor Estima all medalled at the world’s biggest stage, a great deed for Recife, a place not commonly known as a big BJJ hub. This is Otavio’s second win at black belt and his second final against Claudio Calasans.

Romulo Barral (Medium Heavy/Peso Meio Pesado): 

Another historical figure in BJJ makes his mark, Romulo is now on the IBJJF Hall of Fame after his 4th world title, a well deserved spot for this tremendous and entertaining competitor. Romulo closed the division with another big name of the sport who had been away from Jiu Jitsu, focusing in MMA, Braulio Estima.

Rodolfo Vieira (Heavy Weight/Peso Pesado):

The top heavyweight in the world of Jiu Jitsu at the moment is Rodolfo Vieira, now with his 3rd consecutive title, it seems like no one can stop “The Black Belt Hunter” at heavyweight.

Bernardo Faria (Super Heavy Weight/ Peso Super Pesado):

Although often labelled as a boring fighter, Bernardo managed to submit almost all his opponents on his way to his second world gold medal, also having two of the most exciting fights in the tournament (against Buchecha in the absolute semi final and in the final of his weight agains Joao Gabriel Rocha).

Marcus Almeida (Ultra Heavy Weight/Peso Pesadíssimo & Open Weight/Absoluto):

Hands down the best fighter in the world at the moment, Marcus Almeida, commonly known as Buchecha, wins double gold for the second time in a row. An amazing accomplishment for such a young competitor.

BJJ World Championship Results: Absolute Division

The absolute division was once again dominated by the two top competitors of the sport today, Marcus Almeida and Rodolfo Vieira, the two cruised passed most of their opponents submitting everyone in their path, exception made to Bernardo Faria who lost on points against Almeida.


Round 1

Winner Loser Method
Gustavo Dias Rani Matuk n/a
Bruno Bastos Giuliano Alves Cross choke from mount
Flavius Silva Alessandro Ferreira n/a
Marcus Buchecha WO
Alexandre Ceconi Marcel Goulart Points
James Puopolo Ronaldo Carlos Kneebar
Ricardo Evangelista WO
Guiovanne Guedes Tiago Rocha Points
Diego Herzog Alex Leite n/a
Diogo Almeida Alex Aristides n/a
Israel Reyes Michael Tohme n/a
Bernardo Faria WO
Orlando Sanchez Fernando Nara Points: 2×2, Adv: 2×1
Pedro Regis Sergio Machado n/a
Luis Rosa  Thiago Dutra n/a
Leandro Lo n/a
Antonio Peinado Oliver Geddes Ezekiel choke
Eduardo Telles Jaroslaw Konrad Submission
Lucas Sachs Leandro Valdes n/a
Rodolfo Vieira WO
Joao Assis Pedro Bessa Points: 2×0
“Tio Chico” Yuta Nakamura Choke from the back
Abraham Messina Max Freitas n/a
Renato Cardoso Nilson Braga n/a
Abraham Messina Max Freitas n/a
Nic Ruben Yuto Hirao n/a
André Galvao WO
Magid Hage Victor Bomfim Baseball choke
DJ Jackson n/a
Anderson Lima Mauricio Silva n/a
Leonardo Leite WO
Joao Gabriel Rocha WO
Ricardo Rezende Motta n/a

Round 2

Winner Loser Method
Bruno Bastos Gustavo Dias Advantages: 2×0
Marcus Buchecha Flavius Luis Kimura lock
James Puopolo Alexandre Ceconi Points: 3×0
Ricardo Evangelista Guiovanne Guedes n/a
Diogo Almeida Diego Herzog Points
Bernardo Faria Israel Reyes n/a
Orlando Sanchez Pedro Regis Points
Leandro Lo Luis Rosa n/a
Antonio Peinado Eduardo Telles Points
Rodolfo Vieira Lucas Sashs Bread cutter choke
Joao Assis “Tio Chico” Choke from back
Abraham Messina Renato Cardoso n/a
André Galvao Nic Ruben Wristlock
DJ Jackson Magid Hage Points: 2×0
Leonardo Leite Anderson Lima n/a
Joao Gabriel Rocha Ricardo Rezende Submission

Round 3

Winner Loser Method
Marcus Buchecha Bruno Bastos Triangle
Ricardo Evangelista James Puopolo n/a
Bernardo Faria Diogo Almeida n/a
Leandro Lo Orlando Sanchez Points: 6×0
Rodolfo Vieira Antonio Peinado Bow and arrow choke
Joao Gabriel Rocha Joao Assis Points
André Galvao Abraham Messina Kneebar
Leonardo Leite DJ Jackson Points

Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Marcus Buchecha Ricardo Evangelista Ezekiel
Bernardo Faria Leandro Lo Points
Rodolfo Vieira Joao Gabriel Rocha Armbar
Leonardo Leite André Galvao Ref decision

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Marcus Almeida Bernardo Faria Points: 7×4
Rodolfo Vieira Leonardo Leite Armbar


Winner Loser Method
Marcus Almeida Rodolfo Vieira Points: 10×0

BJJ World Championship Results: Rooster Weight Division

This was the year when everyone expected Bruno Malfacine to make history and be the first competitor to win 5 consecutive titles in the men’s black belt division, that however, proved to be a tall order for the Alliance prodigy with Caio Terra taking the gold after narrowly passing through to the final. Caio Terra had a very hard time against one of the veterans of the sport, Ivaniel Oliveira in the semi final, but survived and went on to win the tournament.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Bruno Malfacine Raul Marcello Submission
Felipe Costa Igor Santos Points: 4×0
Ivaniel Oliveira Koji Shibamoto Points: 6×2
Caio Terra Fabbio Passos Points: 2×2, Adv: 2×1

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Bruno Malfacine Felipe Costa Triangle Choke
Caio Terra Ivaniel Oliveira Advantages


Winner Loser Method
Caio Terra Bruno Malfacine Points: 4×2

BJJ World Championship Results: Super Featherweight Division

Incredible turn turn of events as veteran and former world champion Gabriel Moraes, one of the historical figures of the sport, comes back to win the tournament. Ary Farias had the fight won at the end time, but his “over the top” celebrations cost him the gold medal as he was penalized by the referee Muzio De Angelis (in accordance to the rules).

Aryzinho had already been involved in a “less then amicable” exchange of words with Carlos Vieira Holanda AKA “Esquisito”after beating the Checkmat member by one advantage in the rounds stage of the tournament. “Esquisito” made his disgust towards the attitude of the Atos competitor public through social media, underlining his disappointment with the fact that both competitors “go way back” and were on good terms for years, when he helped Farias stay in the sport.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Yukinori Sasa Samuel Braga Adv: 2×2, Penalties: 0x2
Ary Farias Laercio Fernandes Points: 6×0
Gabriel Moraes Gabriel Wilcox Points: 6×4
Daniel Beleza Guilherme Mendes Referee decision

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Ary Farias Yukinori Sasa Advantages: 1×0
Gabriel Moraes Daniel Beleza Referee decision


Winner Loser Method
Gabriel Moraes Ary Farias Adv: 2×2, Penalties: 1×2

BJJ World Championship Results: Featherweight Division

This world championship had many surprises, and the featherweights may have presented the biggest surprise of them all. When all were expecting an all too familiar final between Cobrinha and Rafael Mendes, someone by the name of Augusto Mendes “Tanquinho” had something else in mind. The Soul Fighters stand out, had one of his best performances ever, going through arguably the toughest brackets of the tournament, forcing his strong game on Ed Ramos, Cobrinha and the former world champion Rafa Mendes.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Cobrinha Theodoro Canal Points
Tanquinho Eduardo Ramos Points
Mario Reis Osvaldo Queixinho Points: 6×2
Rafael Mendes Mayko Borges Armbar

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Rafael Mendes Mario Reis Adv: 1×1, Penalties: 0x1
Tanquinho Cobrinha Points: 2×0


Winner Loser Method
Tanquinho Rafael Mendes Points: 2×2, Adv: 2×1

BJJ World Championship Results: Lightweight Division

Current champion Leandro Lo was the heavy favorite to win the most stacked division of the tournament. he started very well in his first match, turning the numbers on Rafael Rosendo, beating by many points and doing the same to his following opponents. The inevitable Lucas Lepri looked very impressive as always and appeared as the top challenger to steal Lo’s top spot, but ended up losing in the semi finals in a very tactical fight. In the final Leandro Lo imposed his open guard game and won the title once again with a sweep over Michael Langhi.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Michael Langhi Zak Maxwell Points: 8×2
Rodrigo Caporal Claudio Mattos Points
Leandro Lo Vinicius Marinho Points: 6×2
Lucas Lepri Rodrigo Freitas Choke

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Michael Langhi Rodrigo Caporal Points: 6×4
Leandro Lo Lucas Lepri Advantages: 1×0


Winner Loser Method
Leandro Lo Michael Langhi Points: 2×0

BJJ World Championship Results: Middle Weight Division

Vitor Henrique of GFT looked impressive defeating one of the top American fighters of the moment, DJ Jackson on advantages and one of the crowd favorites the always tough Murilo Santana, but a focused Otavio Sousa put the GF Team man’s hopes to sleep with an armbar in a very entertaining match. Victor Estima had also looked impressive coming into the semi finals, but succumbed to the experience of Claudio Calasans. In the end Otavio Sousa repeated last years deed becoming a two time world champion in the black belt division.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Otavio Sousa Davi Ramos Points: 6×2
Vitor Henrique Murilo Santana Advantages
Claudio Calasans Tio Chico Points: 2×0
Victor Estima Clark Gracie Points: 2×0

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Otavio Sousa Vitor Henrique Armbar
Claudio Calasans Victor Estima Points: 8×4


Winner Loser Method
Otavio Sousa Claudio Calasans Points: 4×2

BJJ World Championship Results: Medium Heavy Weight Division

The 2013 edition of the Mundial de Jiu Jitsu marked the return of Braulio Estima to IBJJF competitions. The former world champion looked sharp as always, making quick work of his first opponent, Sergio Machado, with a magnificent knee bar. Romulo Barral also looked incredible opening the tournament with an 18×0 win over Pedro Regis. The pair advanced all the way to the finals, closing the weight division for Gracie Barra.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Romulo Barral Kleber “Buiú” Gentlemen’s agreement
Guto Campos Tarsis Humpreys Points
André Galvao Dimitrius Souza Cross choke from back
Braulio Estima Rodrigo Fajardo Armbar

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Romulo Barral Guto Campos Points: 3×0
Braulio Estima André Galvao Points: 6×2


Winner Loser Method
Romulo Barral Braulio Estima Gentlemen’s agreement

BJJ World Championship Results: Heavyweight Division

Xande Ribeiro and Rodolfo Vieira were the favorites to meet in the final due to their current form, and though both looked very impressive on their way to the semi final, Lucas Leite – a man that could easily make the lightweight division, had other ideas in mind and stole Xande’s show, beating the Gracie Humaita top man in a referee decision. Lucas had already passed through the always tough “Tussa” by an overwhelming 16×0. In the final, Lucas Leite’s half guard game clashed full steam with Rodolfo Vieira’s knee slide guard passing skills, this worked perfectly for Rodolfo who got ahead on a 16 points lead before he submitted Leite.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Rodolfo Vieira Yuri Simoes Points: 8×0
Nivaldo Oliveira Fabiano Souza Ezekiel choke
Xande Ribeiro Max Freitas Cross choke from mount
Lucas Leite Tussa Alencar Points: 16×0

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Rodolfo Vieira Nivaldo Oliveira Katagatame
Lucas Leite Xande Ribeiro Referee decision


Winner Loser Method
Rodolfo Vieira Lucas Leite Brabo choke

BJJ World Championship Results: Super Heavyweight Division

One of the stars who emerged from the 2013 world championships was most certainly Joao Rocha, the young man from Soul Fighters had had a tremendous career at brown belt and proved that he is more then capable of hanging in with the “big boys” of jiu jitsu, reaching the final by imposing his game and keeping a very composed attitude for such a young competitor. He would lose against Bernardo Faria in one of the most interesting finals of the event.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Bernardo Faria Lucas Sachs Triangle armbar
Luiz Panza Joao Assis Footlock
Rafael Lovato Jr Antonio Peinado Points: 5×0
Joao Gabriel Rocha Leo Leite Choke from the back

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Bernardo Faria Luiz Panza Triangle
Joao Gabriel Rocha Rafael Lovato Jr Points: 10×0


Winner Loser Method
Bernardo Faria Joao Gabriel Rocha Points: 6×0

BJJ World Championship Results: Ultra Heavyweight Division

On the ultra heavyweights, the Danish competitor, Alexander Trans advanced to the quarter finals after submitting Thiago Reinaldo of Gracie Barra with a leg lock, while on the other side of the bracket, a familiar face of Trans, team mate Cavaca advanced to the quarter final by submitting Asa Fuller with a cross choke from the mount, keeping the good form of the Checkmat team in the Pesadissimo, Buchecha also followed through to the quarter finals with a armlock over Raphael Goulart. In the final of the tournament, the master and student (Cavaca and Buchecha) closed out for the Checkmat academy.


Quarter Finals

Winner Loser Method
Marcus Buchecha Igor Silva Armbar
Alexander Trans Roberto Cyborg Referee decision
Rodrigo Cavaca Gustavo Dias Achilles lock
Abraham Messina Ricardo Evangelista Points: 2×0

Semi Finals

Winner Loser Method
Marcus Buchecha Alexander Trans Referee decision
Rodrigo Cavaca Abraham Messina DQ’ed


Winner Loser Method
Marcus Buchecha Rodrigo Cavaca Gentlemen’s agreement


World Jiu Jitsu Championship Women’s Finals



Winner Loser Method
Gezary Kubis Nyjah Easton Advantages: 4×2


Winner Loser Method
Marina Ribeiro  Luiza Monteiro Points


Winner Loser Method
Beatriz Mesquita Fabiana Borges Armlock


Winner Loser Method
Luana Alzuguir Vanessa Oliveira Advantages

Meio Pesado

Winner Loser Method
Michelle Nicolini Fernanda Mazzelli Footlock


Winner Loser Method
Andresa Correa Gabrielle Garcia Closed bracket


Winner Loser Method
Gabrielle Garcia Beatriz Mesquita Points: 5×0

World Jiu Jitsu Championship Fight Videos

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    Felipe Costa beat Igor Santos by points (4×0)
    Ivaniel Oliveira beat Koji Shibamoto by points (6×2)
    Caio Terra beat Fabbio Passos by advantages (Points: 2×2, Adv: 2×1) and Bruno Malfacine defeated Felipe Costa by Triangle Choke..

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