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BJJ Worlds 2011 Results

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The Worlds Jiu Jitsu Championships finally arrived, though this year the event missed some of the sports biggest stars due to injuries, Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima and Xande Ribeiro, it still possesses too much man power for the event to be hindered, with almost every weight division absolutely stacked with potential champions.

To watch the black belts divisions live, press this link

BJJ Mundials Results (Days 1 and 2)

The first and second day (Thursday and Friday) were dedicated to the lower belt divisions where the future of sport is being brewed, and the young guns didn’t disappoint. In the blue belt division, the big champion came from Finland, the north of Europe has been a beacon for BJJ in the old continent, with Denmark and Finland paving the terrain for the other European nations (closely followed by England), this year Hannu Karjalainen finished 4 of his 6 opponents in the heavyweight division, but not happy with that Karjalainen fought 4 more opponents in the absolute weight division to win the open weight also.

The two Brazilian brothers of Japanese descent João Ricardo and Paulo Henrique Miyao, have been winning everything in Brazil, and as expected the Cicero Costha pupils closed the purple belt featherweight division with flying colours. Another big star in the making for the sport is Mackenzie Dern, the daughter of Megaton Dias breezed through the purple belt division, finishing 2 of her 3 opponents. Also worth a mention in the purple belts was Cris “Cyborg”, the MMA champion who has been sharpening her game with André Galvão fought and won the purple belt division without suffering one single point against her.

Men’s BJJ Worlds Black Belt Absolute Division

This year a few changes occurred to the rules in the absolute weight division. The open weight was run before all the other weight divisions, and not only that, but all those who subscribed to the absolute and don’t show up to fight will be automatically disqualified from their respective weight divisions. This new rule was put in place to avoid wins by WO in the absolute as this had happened several times in the past

Absolute Rodolfo Vieira Matt Jubera Triangle 1st
Absolute Claudio Calasans Tetsuya Kondo Choke (41 sec.) 1st
Absolute Zak Maxwell Robson Barbosa Points 1st
Absolute Antonio Carlos Junior Ryan Beuregard Points (6×2) 1st
Absolute Roberto Cyborg Diego Vivaldo Advantage (1×0) 1st
Absolute Sergio Moraes Raul Castillo Triangle 1st
Absolute Rafael Lovato Jr Mick Wilson Points (2×0) 1st
Absolute Alexandre Ceconi Pedro Macedo Submission 2nd
Absolute Buchecha Charles Dantas Submission 2nd
Absolute Eduardo Telles Ronaldo Antonio Points (17×0) 2nd
Absolute Rodolfo Vieira Claudio Calasans Armbar 2nd
Absolute Romulo Barral Zak Maxwell Points (7×4) 2nd
Absolute Buchecha Fabiano “Pega Leve” Toe Hold 2nd
Absolute Alexandre Ceconi Roberto Abreu Cyborg Advantages 2nd
Absolute Bernardo Faria ?? Omoplata 2nd
Absolute Sergio Moraes Eduardo Telles 5×2 2nd
Absolute Braga Neto Roberto Alencar Referee Decision 2nd
Absolute Rodrigo Caporal Romulo Barral Advantage (1×0) Points (2×2) 2nd
Absolute Rafael Lovato Jr Antonio Carlos Junior Triangle 2nd
Absolute Bernardo Faria ?? Choke 3rd
Absolute Buchecha Braga Neto Bow and Arrow Choke 1/4 finals
Absolute Alexandre Ceconi Rodrigo Caporal Points (3×0) 1/4 Finals
Absolute Rodolfo Vieira Sergio Moraes Points (8×0) 1/4 Finals
Absolute Bernardo Faria Rafael Lovato Jr Points (2×0) 1/4 Finals
Absolute Rodolfo Vieira Buchecha Armbar Semi Finals
Absolute Bernardo Faria Alexandre Ceconi Points (4×0) Semi Finals

Men’s BJJ Worlds Black Belt The Rounds

Galo Joao Carlos Kuraoka Andrea Verdemare Points (12×0) 1st
Galo Yusuke Honma Gabriel Alexander Armbar 2nd
Galo Brandon Mullins Igor Rodrigues Triangle 2nd
Galo Caio Terra Pablo Sousa Chross Choke/Mount 2nd
Galo Joseph Capizzi Felipe Costa Submission 2nd
Galo Koji Shibamoto Todd Kalani Points 2nd
Galo Bruno Malfacine Koji Shibamoto Choke from back 2nd
Galo Josef Manuel Makoto Sawada ?? 2nd
Galo Fabio Passos Fumiaki Kobayashi Advantages (2×1) 2nd
Galo Joao Carlos Kuraoka Rafael Barata Advantages (1×0) 2nd
Pluma Samir Chantre Bruno Maniaudet Referee Decision 1st
Pluma Guilherme Mendes Milton Carlos Choke 2nd
Pluma Ary Farias Dai Yoshioka Points (2×0) 2nd
Pena Bruno Frazatto Renato Tavares Triangle 2nd
Pena Rafael Mendes Daisuke Nakamura Choke 2nd
Pena Mario Reis Gustavo Ernesto Choke 2nd
Pena Justin Rader Darrin Lillian Choke 2nd
Pena Zak Maxwell Sergio Rodrigo Points (2×0) 2nd
Pena Rubens Charles Itaro Andrade Choke 2nd
Pena Ryan Hall Joao Luz Armbar 2nd
Pena Marcelino Freitas Jonatas Gurgel Armbar 3rd
Pena Rubens Charles ?? Choke 3rd
Pena Bruno Frazatto Gabriel Willcox Mata Leão 3rd
Pena Augusto Mendes Ryan Hall Points (3×0) 3rd
Leve JT Torres Tiago de Castro DQ (reeping knee) 2nd
Leve Celso Vinicius Yuji Okamoto Armlock 2nd
Pena Rafael Mendes Justin Rader Choke 3rd
Leve Carlos Vieira Joao Paulo Bow & Arrow Choke 2nd
Leve Leandro Lo Tatsuya Kaneko Armlock from mount 2nd
Leve Samir Chantre ?? Referee Decision 2nd
Leve Kron Gracie Sergio Rodrigo Guillotine 2nd
Leve Gilbert Burns ?? Submission 2nd
Leve Lucas Lepri Robson Barbosa 8×0 2nd
Leve Michael Langhi ?? DQ 2nd
Leve Leandro Lo ?? Points 3rd
Leve Gilbert Burns Rodrigo Simoes 11×0 3rd
Leve Lucas Lepri William Ferreira Kimura 3rd
Leve Michael Langhi Carlos Vieira Submission 3rd
Leve JT Torres Zak Maxwell Advantages (2×0) 3rd
Leve Kron Gracie Rafael “Formiga” Choke 3rd
Medio Silvio Augusto Carlos Frederico ?? 1st
Medio Gabriel Rollo Ruben Nicolai ?? 1st
Medio Marcelo Garcia ?? Points (5×0) 2nd
Medio Alan Finfou Bruno Augusto Submission 2nd
Medio Victor Estima Ryan Beauregard Points 2nd
Medio Lucas Leite Sylvio Augusto Points (15×0) 2nd
Medio Gustavo Campos ?? Submission 2nd
Medio Vinicius Corrales Marcel Goncalves ?? 2nd
Medio Daniel Garcia ?? Submission 2nd
Medio Claudio Calasans ?? Submission 2nd
Medio Gabriel Rollo Murilo Santana WO ?? 2nd
Medio Clark Gracie Daniel Haglind Submission 2nd
Medio Bruno Almeida Shawn Williams Submission 2nd
Medio Daniel Garcia ?? Advantages 3rd
Medio Gustavo Campos Alan Finfou Submission 3rd
Medio Lucas Leite Gabriel Goulart Ref. Decision 3rd
Medio Clark Gracie Claudio Calasans WO (injured) 3rd
Medio Gabriel Rollo Bruno Alves ?? 3rd
Medio Vinicius Corrales ?? ?? 3rd
Medio Marcelo Garcia Vitor Henrique Injury 3rd
Medio Victor Estima Roger Roberto Achilles Lock 3rd
Meio Pesado Gustavo Junqueira Leandro Vieira Points (7×4) 2nd
Meio Pesado Romulo Barral ?? Submission 2nd
Meio Pesado Eduardo Santoro ?? Submission 2nd
Meio Pesado Fabiano Junior Lars Janss ?? 2nd
Meio Pesado Sergio Moraes ?? Points (5×0) 2nd
Meio Pesado Eduardo Zanetti Don Hortega ?? 2nd
Meio Pesado Roger Alexander João Moncaio ?? 2nd
Meio Pesado Eduardo Telles ?? ?? 2nd
Meio Pesado Ian Mcpherson Raul Castillo ?? 2nd
Meio Pesado Eduardo Telles Ian Mcpherson Advantages 3rd
Meio Pesado Romulo Barral ?? Submission 3rd
Meio Pesado Eduardo Santoro ?? ?? 3rd
Meio Pesado Fabiano Junior ?? ?? 3rd
Meio Pesado Sergio Moraes ?? Points (3×0) 3rd
Meio Pesado Eduardo Zanetti Rodrigo Pinheiro ?? 3rd
Meio Pesado Gustavo Junqueira Otavio Souza Points (2×0) 3rd
Meio Pesado Roger Alexander ?? ?? 3rd
Pesado Luke Stewart Humberto Borges ?? 1st
Pesado Roberto Alencar Matheus Serafim Triangle 1st
Pesado Guybson Sá Phillip Myers ?? 1st
Pesado Dustin Denes Cleiton Pinto ?? 1st
Pesado Renan Vital Ranson Keola ?? 1st
Pesado Fernando Di Piero Erza Lenon ?? 1st
Pesado Bernardo Faria Luciando Queiroz ?? 2nd
Pesado Roberto Alencar ?? ?? 2nd
Pesado Antonio Junior ?? ?? 2nd
Pesado Luke Stewart ?? ?? 2nd
Pesado Rodolfo Vieira Dustin Denes 26×0 2nd
Pesado Guybson Sá ?? ?? 2nd
Pesado Renan Vital Alexandre Ceconi ?? 2nd
Pesado Rafael Lovato Fernando Soluço Triangle 2nd
Super Pesado Antonio Peinado Vitor Schlosser Submission 1st
Super Pesado Bruno Bastos Ronaldo Antonio Advant. (4×0) 1st
Super Pesado Charles Dantas Edgard Soares ?? 1st
Super Pesado Joao Assis Ronilson Nunes Choke 1st
Super Pesado Alberto Silva Michael John ?? 1st
Pesadissimo Cyborg Helton Nogueira Points (2×0) 1st
Pesadissimo Carlos Farias Ricardo Feliciano ?? 1st
Pesadissimo Mick Wilson Stephen Vincent ?? 1st
Pesadissimo Braga Neto Luiz Ribeiro ?? 1st
Pesadissimo Marcio Cruz Tom Florence Triangle 1st
Pesadissimo Fabiano “Pega Leve” Jarrod Bunch ?? 1st
Pesadissimo Marco Antonio Alexandre Soares Both DQ 1st

Men’s BJJ Worlds Black Belt 1/4 Finals
Galo Bruno Malfacine Brandon Mullins Points (13×0) 1/4 Finals
Galo Caio Terra Fabio Passos Armbar 1/4 Finals
Galo Josef Manuel Joseph Capizzi Points (3×0) 1/4 Finals
Galo Yusuke Honma Joao Carlos Kuraoka Injury 1/4 Finals
Pluma Guilherme Mendes Laercio Fernandes Cross Choke 1/4 Finals
Pluma Samuel Braga Carlos Esquisito Injury 1/4 Finals
Pluma Ary Farias Pablo Silva Points (2×2) Adv (5×1) 1/4 Finals
Pluma Samir Chantre Gabriel Afonso Ref. Decision 1/4 Finals
Pena Rubens Charles Ed Ramos Points (3×0) 1/4 Finals
Pena Augusto “Tanquinho” Bruno Frazatto Points (0x-1) 1/4 Finals
Pena Rafael Mendes Leonardo Saggioro Inverted Triangle 1/4 Finals
Pena Mario Reis Marcelino Freitas Points (4×2) 1/4 Finals
Leve Kron Gracie Leandro Lo Choke 1/4 Finals
Leve Michael Langhi Davi Ramos Points (4×0) 1/4 Finals
Leve Gilbert Burns Lucas Lepri Points (2×2) Adv (3×0) 1/4 Finals
Leve JT Torres Celso Vinicius Points (2×0) 1/4 Finals
Medio Gustavo Campos Daniel Garcia Points (2×2) Adv (1×0) 1/4 Finals
Medio Marcelo Garcia Victor Estima Points (3×0) 1/4 Finals
Medio Clark Gracie Gabriel Rollo Footlock 1/4 Finals
Medio Lucas Leite Vinicius Corrales Points (2×2) Adv (5×0) 1/4 Finals
Meio Pesado Eduardo Santoro Fabiano Junior Points (2×2) Adv (1×0) 1/4 Finals
Meio Pesado Romulo Barral Eduardo Telles Points (2×2) Adv (3×0) 1/4 Finals
Meio Pesado Sergio Moraes Eduardo Zanneti Points (2×0) 1/4 Finals
Meio Pesado Gustavo Junqueira Rogel Alexander Gentleman Agreement 1/4 Finals
Pesado Bernardo Faria Luke Stewart Traingle 1/4 Finals
Pesado Antonio Carlos Jr Roberto Alencar Points (4×2) 1/4 Finals
Pesado Rodolfo Vieira Gybson Sá Armbar 1/4 Finals
Pesado Rafael Lovato Renan Vital Armbar 1/4 Finals
Super Pesado Joao Assis Ricardo Henrique Injury 1/4 Finals
Super Pesado Marcus “Buchecha” Charles Dantas Mata Leão 1/4 Finals
Super Pesado Antonio Peinado Bruno Bastos Ref Decision 1/4 Finals
Super Pesado Leonardo Nogueira Alberto Silva Mão de Vaca 1/4 Finals
Pesadissimo Roberto Cyborg Carlos Farias Points (11×0) 1/4 Finals
Pesadissimo Marcio Cruz Pega Leve Choke 1/4 Finals
Pesadissimo Braga Neto Mick Wilson Toe Hold 1/4 Finals
Pesadissimo Rodrigo Cavaca Oponent DQ DQ 1/4 Finals

Men’s BJJ Worlds Black Belt Semi Finals
Galo Bruno Malfacine Josef Manuel Points (10×0) Semi Finals
Galo Caio Terra Yusuke Honma Triangle Semi Finals
Pluma Guilherme Mendes Samuel Braga Points (4×2) Semi Finals
Pluma Ary Farias Samir Chantre Points (3×0) Semi Finals
Pena Rafael Mendes Mario Reis Points (4×2) Semi Finals
Pena Augusto “Tanquinho” Rubens Charles Points (4×2) Semi Finals
Leve Kron Gracie Michael Langhi referee Decision Semi Finals
Leve Gilbert Burns JT Torres Points (4×0) Semi Finals
Medio Marcelo Garcia Gustavo Campos Armbar Semi Finals
Medio Lucas Leite Clark Gracie Points (6×0) Semi Finals
Meio Pesado Romulo Barral Eduardo Santoro Points (5×0) Semi Final
Meio Pesado Sergio Moraes Gustavo Junqueira Gentleman Agreement Semi Final
Pesado Rodolfo Vieira Rafael Lovato Points (20×2) Semi Final
Pesado Bernardo Faria Antonio Carlos Jr Injury Semi Final
Super Pesado Marcus “Buchecha” Antonio Peinado Toe Hold Semi Finals
Super Pesado Leonardo Nogueira Joao Assis DQ (reaping the knee) Semi Finals
Pesadissimo Braga Neto Roberto Cyborg Points (9×0) Semi Final
Pesadissimo Rodrigo Cavaca Marcio Cruz Verbal Tap* Semi Final

* Marcio Cruz “Pe de Pano” verbally tapped complaining that Cavaca was reaping the knee, the referee stopped the fight (because of verbal tap) but did not agree that Cavaca was reaping the knee. Cavaca advances.

Women’s BJJ Worlds Black Belt Finals
Pluma Leticia Ribeiro Nyjah Easton Points Final
Pena Michelle Nicolini Kyra Gracie Points (4×2) Final
Leve Luana Alzuguir Luiza Monteiro Choke Final
Leve Hanette Staack Ida Hansson Flying Armbar Final
Meio Pesado Talita Nogueira Penny Thomas Points (4×0) Final
Pesado Gabrielle Garcia Emily Wetzel Shoulder Pressure Final
Absolute Gabrielle Garcia Bia Mesquita Points (2×0) Final

Men’s BJJ Worlds Black Belt Finals

Galo Bruno Malfacine Caio Terra Points (4×2) Final
Pluma Guilherme Mendes Ary Farias Gentlemen’s Agreement Final
Pena Rafael Mendes Augusto “Tanquinho Points (4×4) Adv (3×1) Final
Leve Gilbert Burns Kron Gracie Points (9×2) Final
Medio Marcelo Garcia Lucas Leite Points (2×0) Final
Meio Pesado Sergio Moraes Romulo Barral Points (4×2) Final
Pesado Rodolfo Vieira Bernardo Faria Points (3×0) Final
Super Pesado Leonardo Nogueira Marcus Buchecha Ref Decision Final
Pesadissimo Braga Neto Rodrigo Cavaca Points (7×0) Final
Absolute Rodolfo Vieira Bernardo Faria Points (9×0) Final
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