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Worlds BJJ Finals (1996-2011)

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A Little history on the Mundials BJJ

Also known as the Mundials BJJ, BJJ’s most relevant competition is in fact called World Jiu-Jitsu Championship or Mundial de Jiu-Jitsu. The tournament began in February 1996 and has gone uninterrupted since then, organized by the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) – known by the Portuguese speaking community as CBJJ (Confederacao Brasileira de Jiu Jitsu). The event was hosted at the legendary “Tijuca Tenis Club” in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, until 2007 when it moved to the California State University in Long Beach, CA (USA) in a successful attempt to make the sport more available to the American public. The shift of location caused some turmoil amongst the Brazilian competitors who saw their main competition move to a foreign country, it also caused many fighters to stop competing at an international level due to the difficulties found in receiving visa’s to compete in the US.

Rivalry between World Championship and World Cup

In the early 2000’s (2002), many fists were raised in disgust towards the fact that the IBJJF/CBJJ did not award it’s competitors with a prize money. This buzz led to the creation of CBJJO (Confederacao Brasileira de Jiu Jitsu Olimpico) by Luiz Herminio (founder of the KF sporting brand) one of the sponsors of the Nova Uniao team. This federation came to offer an alternative to the competitions Juggernaut that was IBJJF, with financial return. The main competition of CBJJO was called “Copa do Mundo de Jiu Jitsu“ (World Jiu Jitsu Cup) and many fighters saw this organization as a breath of fresh air at the time, though it’s birth also generated much heated rivalry between teams such as Gracie Barra (which supported the Worlds BJJ) and Nova Uniao (supporters of CBJJO). Only in 2007 did Nova Uniao compete again as a team at a IBJJF organized event.

The rivalry also propelled internal disputes, the most notorious one within the Alliance team, which led many of their main fighters to leave the squad and form their own camp (Master Team, later developing into Brasa, TT and Checkmat teams). At the centre of this dispute was the fighter Demian Maia, who decided to compete in the CBJJO event against the orders of his instructor Fabio Gurgel. Demian Maia was forbidden to train at the Alliance premises and banned from competing under the Alliance banner at the World Championships, the clash led some of the more senior Alliance members to stand beside Demian (Terere, Eduardo Telles, Rico and Leo Vieira, Comprido and many others). As the dispute escalated, the dissident fighters decided to form a separate team.

CBJJO eventually fell to the ground, struggling with financial difficulties, it still exists, though at a much smaller scale. In 2008 another international federation emerged in Brazil, the CBJJE. This time not to clash horns with the IBJJF, but rather give an alternative to the Brazilian fighters that can not compete in the USA, with the majority of it’s events being held in Brazil.

Worlds BJJ Results below

  • WORLDS BJJ 1996

The epic first World Championship! Many battles were worth a mention in this paragraph, Ricardo Liborio’s guard pull against the strong Judoka, Remco Pardoel which ended in a beautiful armbar by Liborio, Jamelão’s win over the legendary Sergio Penha (who had returned to competition 15 years after his epic battle against Rickson Gracie), Helio Soneca against Ratinho, and many others. But the fight that brought the Tijuca Tenis Club to a roar was Roleta’s duel against Wallid Ismail (win by Roleta – sweep).

Galo (under 57kg) Marcos Barreto Nikos Bahlzetis
Pluma (under 64kg) Helio “Soneca” Wellington Megaton
Pena (under 70kg) Royler Gracie Paulo Brandão
Leve (under 76kg) Paulo Barroso Renato Barreto Team closed final
Medio (under 82kg) Roberto “Gordo” Eduardo “Jamelão”
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Roberto Roleta Luis Roberto Duarte Submission (triangle)
Pesado (under 94kg) Fabio Gurgel Murilo Bustamante Points (5×0)
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Ricardo Liborio Castello Branco Points (6×0)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Ze Mario Sperry Roberto Traven No fight (injury)
Open Weight Amaury Bitteti Ricardo Liborio Team closed final

Mundial Videos:
World Championship Highlight


  • WORLDS BJJ – 1997

Another memorable event, this time the big fight to memorize was Royler Gracie vs Amauri Bitteti in the Absolute division. Royler did a strategic error to try and takedown the takedown artist (who was considerably heavier then the Gracie featherweight), Royler ended being taken down and though Bitteti could not pass his guard, the win went to the Carlson Gracie pupil (2×0). Somewhat of a disappointment was Feitosa’s win over Leozinho Vieira. After being ahead on points, Feitosa held on for dear life (in what would be considered stalling by most) getting the win while Leo desperately tried to fight.

Galo (under 57kg) Robson Moura Marcio Galvão
Pluma (under 64kg) João Roque Ivanilson
Pena (under 70kg) Royler Gracie Vitor Shaolin Advantages (6×2) Yes
Leve (under 76kg) Marcio Feitosa Leo Vieira Advantage (1×0) Yes
Medio (under 82kg) Saulo Ribeiro Nino Schembri Points
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Roberto Roleta Roberto Gordo Team closed final
Pesado (under 94kg) Fabio Gurgel Daniel Gracie
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Ze Mario Sperry Luis Roberto Duarte Team closed final
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Luiz Guilherme Arthur Ignarra
Open Weight Amauri Bitteti Fabio Gurgel Yes

  • WORLDS BJJ – 1998

Saulo Ribeiro was the great name to be remembered that year, having fought and won against not one, but two legends of the sport in one day, Murilo Bustamante and Fabio Gurgel. Another big name of the competition was Nino Schembri, who finished most of his opponents and closed the final match with his team mate Roberto Correa (Gordo), Nino at one point had the audacity to have a little breather while fighting and ask the referee: “can I choke him with my belt?” (Sidenote: Yes, you can, as long as the belt is still properly tied around the waste).

Galo (under 57kg) Marcelo Ferreira Marcio Galvao Team closed final
Pluma (under 64kg) Robson Moura Fredson Alves
Pena (under 70kg) Royler Gracie Vinicius “Draculino”
Leve (under 76kg) Leo Vieira Marcio Feitosa Points
Medio (under 82kg) F. Vasconcelos Ze Marcelo
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Roberto Gordo Nino Schembri Team closed final
Pesado (under 94kg) Saulo Ribeiro Fabio Gurgel Points (2×0)
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roberto Roleta Daniel Gracie
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Roberto Traven John Machado
Open Weight Ze Mario Sperry Roberto Roleta Advantages (4×3)

Mundial Videos:
Highlights of Worlds 1998 Pt 1 (in Portuguese)
Highlights of Worlds 1998 Pt 2 (in Portuguese)

  • WORLDS BJJ 1999

Roberto Roleta was the big favourite to win the open weight that year, but the recently promoted Rodrigo Comprido was there to stop him on his tracks. Comprido tapped Roleta with a move that was rarely used in high level competition, the toe hold. Royler Gracie was also on fire, and had his toughest test against Leonardo Santos in a highly contested fight in which the Nova Uniao coach Wendell Alexander felt robbed. He would enter the arena in rage, but the result stayed and Royler advanced to the final where he beat Leo Vieira.

Galo (under 57kg) Omar Salum Ralph Pires Points (14×0)
Pluma (under 64kg) Robson Moura Vinicius Cruz
Pena (under 70kg) Royler Gracie Leo Vieira Referee decision
Leve (under 76kg) Vitor Shaolin Marcio Feitosa Points (2×2) Adv (1×0)
Medio (under 82kg) Alexandre Paiva Roberto Atalla Points (2×0)
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Saulo Ribeiro Roberto Roleta Advantages (2×0)
Pesado (under 94kg) Murilo Bustamante Paulo Filho Team closed final
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Leo Leite Mario Sperry Points (4×0)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Roberto Traven Castello Branco Team closed final
Open Weight Rodrigo Comprido Roberto Roleta Submission (Toe Hold)

Mundial Videos:
Mundial Jiu Jitsu 1999 Finals (Part1)
Mundial Jiu Jitsu 1999 Finals (Part2)
Mundial Jiu Jitsu 1999 Finals (Part3)
Mundial Jiu Jitsu 1999 Finals (Part4)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2000

The recently promoted Terere shows his true colours for the first time in the big league, and straight away winning his weight class in a final against one of the most dangerous guard players in history, Nino Schembri. Another big name that year was Margarida, who did not win the competition, but put one a display of awesome jiu jitsu in the open weight division, submitting Francisco Mello, Alexandre Café, Flávio Cachorrinho and winning conclusively against Leonardo Leite. Also amongst the hall of fame of Jiu Jitsu that year was of course BJ Penn, the first foreigner to win the Mundial in the black belt division.

Galo (under 57kg) Omar Salum Marcelo Pereira Submission (Choke)
Pluma (under 64kg) Robson Moura Marcos Matta points (2×0) Yes
Pena (under 70kg) BJ Penn Edson Dinis Submission (Armbar) Yes
Leve (under 76kg) Vitor Shaolin Marcio Feitosa Referee Decision
Medio (under 82kg) Fernando Terere Nino Schembri Points (2×0) Yes
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Roberto Roleta Margarida points (2×0) Yes
Pesado (under 94kg) Fabio Gurgel Ricardo Arona Points (3×0) Yes
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Saulo Ribeiro Daniel Gracie Yes
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Leo Leite Aurelio Fernandes Points
Open Weight Rodrigo Comprido Margarida Points (4×0)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2001

Margarida, Margarida, Margarida. This is the name that made the headlines after the World Jiu Jisu Championships of 2001. The Medium-Heavyweight fighter put on display some of the most beautiful jiu jitsu seen to that date winning both his weight and the open weight divisions.

Galo (under 57kg) Bernardo Pitel Arlison Kiki
Pluma (under 64kg) Ricardo Vieira Daniel Beleza
Pena (under 70kg) Fredson Paixao Fredson Alves
Leve (under 76kg) Marcio Feitosa Leo Santos
Medio (under 82kg) Vitor Shaolin Fernando Terere Points Yes
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Margarida Saulo Ribeiro Submission (Choke) Yes
Pesado (under 94kg) Fabio Gurgel Rodrigo Comprido Team close final
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Fernando Boi Daniel Gracie Points (2×0)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Marcio Corleta Garth Taylor Submission (Armbar)
Open Weight Margarida Saulo Ribeiro Points (2×0)

Mundial Videos:
World Championships Highlight Part 1 (in Portuguese)
World Championships Highlight Part 2 (in Portuguese)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2002

Fantastic year for Jiu Jitsu as Ricardo de La Riva returns to the mats after a 9 year lay off from competitions. The legendary fighter impressed all winning several fights including a total domination over Fernando Lopes and win by Inverse Omoplata against Bruno Passos! He ended succumbing to a fitter and younger Fredson Paixão. Another big name this year was Marcio Cruz the famous “Pe de Pano” who won both his weight and the open weight divisions. In the brown belt division, two fighters showed the black belts that they should be aware of them next year by submitting almost everyone in their paths and totally dominating their divisions and the absolute, their names? Roger Gracie and Ronaldo de Souza…

Galo (under 57kg) Marcos Norat Marcos Oliveira Submission (Armbar)
Pluma (under 64kg) Carlos Lemos Andre Soares Submission (Choke)
Pena (under 70kg) Fredson Paixao Anderson Bezerra Submission (Choke)
Leve (under 76kg) Marcio Feitosa Marcelo Pupo Referee Decision
Medio (under 82kg) Delson “Pe de Chumbo” Bruno Fernandes Points (2×0)
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Saulo Ribeiro Erik Wanderlei Points (7×0)
Pesado (under 94kg) Fabio Leopoldo Jefferson Moura Adv (1×0) Points (2×2)
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Gabriel Vella “Cafe” Dantas Points (4×2)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Marcio Cruz Luiz Guilherme Submission (Knee on Belly)
Open Weight Marcio Cruz Saulo Ribeiro Points (2×0)

Mundial Videos:

Highlights of World Championships Pt 1
Highlights of World Championships Pt 2
Highlights of World Championships Pt 3
Highlights of World Championships Pt 4

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2003

Galo (under 57kg) Felipe Costa Daniel Moreno
Pluma (under 64kg) Bibiano Fernandes Carlos Lemos Jr
Pena (under 70kg) Mario Reis Alex. Carneiro
Leve (under 76kg) Daniel Moraes Marcio Feitosa
Medio (under 82kg) Fernando Terere Marcelo Garcia Submission (Triangle)
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Cassio Werneck Erik Wanderlei
Pesado (under 94kg) Jefferson Moura Roger Coelho
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Erik Wanderlei Roberto Tozi
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Fabricio Werdum Leo Leite
Open Weight Marcio Cruz Roger Gracie Points (3×0)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2004

An important year for Jiu Jitsu, 2004 was the last time the emblematic Terere fought in the World Jiu Jitsu championships, competing 4 weight classes above his weight, managing to make it to the final against Fabricio werdum. This was also the year that Roger Gracie and Jacare Souza started making their mark in the black belt division, Roger achieved a gold medal in his weight division after a tremendous fight in the absolute final against Jacare. Jacare on the other hand took gold in the absolute, but could not fight the final of his weight after breaking his arm in the fight with Roger Gracie.

Galo (under 57kg) Gabriel Moraes Geremias Maia Points (7×0)
Pluma (under 64kg) Fernando Vieira Bibiano Fernandes Points (4×2) Yes
Pena (under 70kg) Mario Reis Fredson Paixao Points (2×0) Yes
Leve (under 76kg) Daniel Moraes Rodrigo Magalhães Points (4×2)
Medio (under 82kg) Marcelo Garcia Cassio Werneck Points (9×0)
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Bráulio Estima Ronaldo Jacare Injury
Pesado (under 94kg) Xande Ribeiro Jefferson Moura Points (2×0) Yes
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roger Gracie Rodrigo Comprido Submission (RNC)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Fabricio Werdum Fernando Terere Points (2×0)
Open Weight Ronaldo Jacare Roger Gracie Points (4×2)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2005
Galo (under 57kg) Samuel Braga Gabriel Moraes Referees Decision
Pluma (under 64kg) Bibiano Fernandes Carlos Holanda Advantage (Points 6×6)
Pena (under 70kg) Fredson Paixao Mario Reis Points (5×0)
Leve (under 76kg) Celso Vinicius Tiago Alves Points (2×0)
Medio (under 82kg) Andre Galvão Felipe Cranivata Submission (Leg Lock)
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Ronaldo Jacare Bráulio Estima Points (6×0)
Pesado (under 94kg) Robert Drysdale Fernando Boi Advantages (2×1)
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roger Gracie Xande Ribeiro Points (12×2)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Francisco Fernandes Marcio Corleta Advantages (3×1)
Open Weight Ronaldo Jacare Roger Gracie Points (2×0)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2006
Galo (under 57kg) Daniel Otero Ivaniel Oliveira
Pluma (under 64kg) Bibiano Fernandes Bernardo Pitel
Pena (under 70kg) Rubens Cobrinha Marcio Feitosa
Leve (under 76kg) Celso Vinicius Mario Reis
Medio (under 82kg) Marcelo Garcia Andre Galvão
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Bráulio Estima Delson Pe-de-Chumbo
Pesado (under 94kg) Xande Ribeiro Thiago Gaia
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roger Gracie Robert Drysdale
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Gabriel Gonzaga Leo Leite
Open Weight Xande Ribeiro Roger Gracie

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2007
Galo (under 57kg) Bruno Malfacine Yusuke Honma
Pluma (under 64kg) Robson Moura Samuel Braga Advantages (Points 0x0)
Pena (under 70kg) Rubens Cobrinha Mario Reis
Leve (under 76kg) Lucas Lepri Michel Maia
Medio (under 82kg) Lucas Leite Andre Galvão
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Romulo Barral Saulo Ribeiro
Pesado (under 94kg) Xande Ribeiro Roberto Tussa
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roger Gracie Robert Drysdale Submission (Cross Choke)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Rafael Lovato Luis “Big Mac”
Open Weight Roger Gracie Romulo Barral

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2008
Galo (under 57kg) Caio Terra Yusuke Honma
Pluma (under 64kg) Samuel Braga Dai Yoshioka
Pena (under 70kg) Rubens Cobrinha Bruno Frazatto
Leve (under 76kg) Celso Vinicius Lucas Lepri
Medio (under 82kg) Sergio Morais Bill Cooper
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Andre Galvão Bráulio Estima
Pesado (under 94kg) Xande Ribeiro Alexandre Souza
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Braga Neto Rafael Lovato
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Roger Gracie Leo Leite
Open Weight Xande Ribeiro Roger Gracie

Mundial Videos:
World BJJ 2008 DVD (All finals)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2009

The first clash between Rafael Mendes and Rubens Charles at a Mundial happened in this event. It was also the first time the other Mendes brother, Guilherme made it to the podium at black belt in a fight that caused great controversy. His opponent, Samuel Braga fought against Guilherme for 10 minutes, lost due to an advantage, but was disqualified when he pushed Guilherme as he celebrated his victory.

Galo (under 57kg) Bruno Malfacine Caio Terra Advantages (3×1)
Pluma (under 64kg) Guilherme Mendes Disqualified
Pena (under 70kg) Rubens Cobrinha Bruno Frazatto Referees Decision
Leve (under 76kg) Michael Langhi Durinho Burns Points (9×2)
Medio (under 82kg) Marcelo Garcia Sergio Morais Team closed final
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) Romulo Barral Tarsis Humphreys Referees Decision
Pesado (under 94kg) Bráulio Estima Alexandre Souza Points (2×0)
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roger Gracie Ricardo Abreu Submission (Choke)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Gabriel Vella Rodrigo Cavaca Advantages (2×0)
Open Weight Roger Gracie Romulo Barral Submission (Choke)

Mundial Videos:
Worlds BJJ 2009 DVD (Fights and Interviews)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2010
Galo (under 57kg) Bruno Malfacine Caio Terra Advantage
Pluma (under 64kg) Pablo Silva Samuel Braga Team closed final
Pena (under 70kg) Rafael Mendes Cobrinha Adv. (4×2) Points (4×4)
Leve (under 76kg) Michael Langhi Celso Vinicius Referee’s Decision
Medio (under 82kg) Marcelo Garcia Claudio Calasans Points (2×0)
Meio-Pesado (under 88kg) T. Humphreys Romulo Barral Injury
Pesado (under 94kg) Bernardo Faria Xande Ribeiro Points (2×0)
Super Pesado (under 100kg) Roger Gracie Ricardo Abreu Points (13×2)
Pesadissimo (100kg plus) Rodrigo Cavaca Roberto Cyborg Submission (Footlock)
Open Weight Roger Gracie Romulo Barral Injury

Mundial Videos:
Worlds BJJ 2010 DVD (Quarter finals, finals and alot more)

  • WORLDS BJJ – 2011

A fantastic year for Grappling Fight Team’s Rodolfo Vieira as he comes out to win both his weight and the open weight division by a land slide. It was also a year when Augusto Mendes started making his mark within the featherweights and Ary Farias wins his first world title in the black belt division.

Galo Bruno Malfacine Caio Terra Points (4×2)
Pluma Guilherme Mendes Ary Farias Gentlemen’s Agreement
Pena Rafael Mendes Augusto “Tanquinho Points (4×4) Adv (3×1)
Leve Gilbert Burns Kron Gracie Points (9×2)
Medio Marcelo Garcia Lucas Leite Points (2×0)
Meio Pesado Sergio Moraes Romulo Barral Points (4×2)
Pesado Rodolfo Vieira Bernardo Faria Points (3×0)
Super Pesado Leonardo Nogueira Marcus Buchecha Ref Decision
Pesadissimo Braga Neto Rodrigo Cavaca Points (7×0)
Absolute Rodolfo Vieira Bernardo Faria Points (9×0)

Click on the link to see all results of every black belt match in the Worlds BJJ 2011.

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